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First sainsburys delivery-how does it work?

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Speckledhen617 · 27/09/2020 08:33

I've done my first online order which is being delivered this afternoon but whats the procedure for it please? Do they drop it at the door? Inside? Is it bagged or in crates? Many thanks.

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ShandlersWig · 27/09/2020 08:43

Theyve stopped supplying bags so I decant into bags at the doorstep.
However, due to a snappy dog I've never taken them up on the offer to carry them through to my kitchen, so not sure if they offer that currently (unlikey).
I have however perfected my small talk with the driver whilst I bag up all my stuff Grin

Speckledhen617 · 27/09/2020 09:05

Great thanks, I'll have my big Aldi bags ready at the door. We've also got a snappy dog so he'll be in the kitchen.

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