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I have no self control in any area of my life

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HillaryWhitney · 26/09/2020 18:15

Alcohol. Food. Smoking. Relationships. Housework.

I'm at the end of my tether.

OP posts:
Humiliatedbutproud · 26/09/2020 18:30

You CAN do this! Pick one and make small steps. You will gradually gain confidence in yourself again. I was in the same position as you at the beginning of August and I decided that I didn't want to smoke any more. I rang the local smoking cessation team and they helped me to set a date. I have lost almost a stone since then because I seem to have proved to myself that it's my body and its worth looking after. I don't drink but I have a chronic illness and at times I am overly reliant on my painkillers because I get depressed. I have started to get a handle on that too. Thee house is more organised too and I am beginning to enjoy my own company again.
Please do give it a go, it worked for me. I didn't actually plan to change everything in one go, but I felt so much better as soon as I took control of the situation. Try writing out a flexible plan and use it, you have nothing to lose. Best wishes to you.

HillaryWhitney · 26/09/2020 19:23

Thank you for your encouragement and kind words x so glad life is getting better for you

OP posts:
Thelnebriati · 26/09/2020 19:43

Humiliatedbutproud is spot on; I've quit smoking using the Alan Carr Easiway method, I spring cleaned, I cut out sugar and most carbs and eat healthily, and I've improved my fitness. I wouldn't have been able to do any of those things all in one go.
My next goal is to lose 1 stone. I've already lost some but its easier to do it one stone at a time.

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