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Is anyone else getting ID’d now wearing a mask?

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Tigger03 · 26/09/2020 11:38

This has happened a few times now (mainly
Sainsbury’s) I’ve gone in to buy a large family shop plus a bottle of wine and been asked for ID. The first time I didn’t have it on me (given I’m early 30s!) and got refused service - fair enough. I’d not been ID’d for years prior to mask wearing.

This doesn’t happen when I’m with my husband though and I’m wondering if it’s just because I’m short (5 ft 1) or if it’s happening to anyone else?

OP posts:
TyneTeas · 26/09/2020 11:39

I have been Grin

BogRollBOGOF · 26/09/2020 11:41

I get IDed anyway (39) Grin
Short too!

GregoryRowling · 26/09/2020 11:44

Yes! It hadn’t been so regular in recent years, but I’m short and have no wrinkles around my eyes despite being in my mid thirties.

Mrsjayy · 26/09/2020 11:48

Me for wine im nearly 50 , tbf I'm 5ft and the women did try her best to not id me but she gave in and asked if I could pull my mask down. She did go ah yes which offended me slightly Grin

Tigger03 · 26/09/2020 11:50

I’m so glad it’s not just me (although short seems to be the theme here), my DH kept laughing at me when I came home wine-less Blush

OP posts:
Mrsjayy · 26/09/2020 11:51

I wonder if a 6ft 15 Yr old lad would be Id'd?

Dollywilde · 26/09/2020 11:53

Weirdly the opposite - I got IDd maybe every fourth shop back in normal times, since masks have come in I haven’t been once! Maybe I have wise eyes Grin (or lockdown has aged me 10 years..)

movingonup20 · 26/09/2020 11:57

Yes! I got id'd for the first time in the U.K. in 20 years! I'm late 40's. You would have thought the wrinkles on my forehead were an indicator of my alas advancing years

HeronLanyon · 26/09/2020 12:08

mrsjay that ‘ah yes’ has really made me laugh. Really long and hard. I am a little older than you and if I were id’d (I do actually look very young for my age I am frequently told) I think there’d be a similar response and I too would find it unhelpful for my general mood in the moment.

HeronLanyon · 26/09/2020 12:10

Bit like when a doctor says something like ‘ oh yes that does look sore’ (In careful measured tone) about some embarrassing thing when you’ve stripped down.

LightsS0bright · 26/09/2020 12:11

DH got IDed the other day and didn’t have it on him, he’s late 30s and got round it by showing them his wedding ring 😂

ifiwasascent · 26/09/2020 12:11

Yes it's very annoying!

Mrsjayy · 26/09/2020 12:17

@HeronLanyon I was momentarily devastated!

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