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Need a new iPad.....which model?

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JacobReesMogadishu · 26/09/2020 07:48

I currently have quite an old iPad, I’m unsure of the model but I know it’s 32gb. It does have the lightening connector and I think was the first model to have that so not decades old. It’s full to the brim and really the only reason I need to upgrade is bigger storage.

I don’t know whether to get the new basic iPad , a 128gb version for £429. Or the iPad Air. They have a 64gb version for £579 but I worry in a few years what if I run out of storage for that? The 256gb version is over £700!

It seems to be apps which take most of the storage space up. Spotify for instance takes 5gb. I’ve deleted all apps which I don’t use much, don’t have any videos, I have got quite a lot of photos but they don’t seem to take up much space. Newer and updated apps just seem to get bigger and bigger from a gb point of view.

I don’t currently use my iPad to the best of it’s capabilities. I internet surf, watch YouTube, netflix, listen to music. I quite like the idea of getting a pen and an app like procreate and trying to learn to draw. But I’m not in the slightest bit artistic and am suspicious it might be a ten minute fad! Grin. But that’s why I’m drawn to the Air, with the better pen and the touch screen is meant to be more responsive. But if I’m not a serious artist does it matter?

I can get £140 cash back for my current iPad. Imagine also eligible for student discount, not sure how much that is or if I can use it in conjunction with cash back.

Has anyone got either of the 2 new models and got an opinion? Or anyone got an opinion if 64gb is enough?

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