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Life overhaul, who's with me?

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baubled · 25/09/2020 19:09

Nothing massively drastic but at 31 I feel that it's time I grew up and became organised/motivated and probably a whole other load of words like that!

So.. as much as I can try not to be, I'm messy, I'll rush around a tidy before DP gets home because he's "a clean freak". It's not horrendous or overly cluttered but the house could just be more together! I want it to bother me more, or basically enough to make me be more Mrs Hinch than Mrs Grinch!

There's more like lose the stone I've put on during lockdown (need to stop eating crap and exercise)

I just feel like I have 0 motivation to do anything and even though I know this I will still do the bare minimum, I don't even know why I can't stop myself being this lazy!

Has anyone been the same and turned it around? Does anyone feel the same and want to join a thread to try and be held accountable to see if that works?

OP posts:
motherofdxughters · 25/09/2020 19:22

I'm with you.

My house isn't a pig sty or unclean but there's definitely more I could be doing to make it organised and 'pretty', especially since I spend so much time here (I'm a full time postgrad student and work from home with a toddler so the majority of our life is home based).

I am vastly overweight (around eight stone according to BMI) and I've been trying to tackle my food addiction because on the surface it seems like I don't eat that much. I'm not like you read in the weight loss magazines where they have Chinese for breakfast and nine bags of crisps for supper. However, I do use food as a primary method of comfort and don't move enough so I need to begin addressing my food issues before they lead to any health issues which I'm lucky enough not to have as of yet.

I feel like I need to spend less time on scrolly social media and more with engaging with the content I see and use. Instead of leaving comments on Instagram or posting on Mumsnet I often just scroll and scroll and scroll. I want to live more with intent and engage with what I consume rather than simply absorb it.

Also in for cleaning up my overall look. I'd like to feel presentable and put together in how I look to the world whereas often I feel haphazardly done when I'm in pyjamas. I want to enjoy clothes again.

thesearethegoodolddays · 26/09/2020 12:57

Has this thread died a death already or am I able to join in? Grin

LindaEllen · 26/09/2020 13:17

I'd like to join in with this, too!
I've just turned 30 and I think it's made me have a little wobble. Almost like a midlife crisis but a bit early.
I have put weight on in lockdown, which has added to the weight that's gradually crept up due to me being on the pill for the past 2 years.
My hair and skin are a mess as I don't look after them properly.
I have very little routine when it comes to housework which means that things build up more than they should (like the washing etc).
I eat poor foods then wonder why I don't always feel great.

I used to get out and about quite a lot before lockdown but my two hobbies were cancelled and haven't yet started again.

I struggle with depression and anxiety and all of the above have made me a bit of a mess.

I've just come off the pill this month as I know it was contributing to my weight gain and also believe it was making me feel more anxious. So let's see how that goes!

On the whole my partner and I are trying to eat healthier, get out and about more, and keep the house tidy!

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