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Anyone's child over sensitive to clothing, labels, zips etc?

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Louise000000 · 24/09/2020 10:16

My 6 year old DD is sensitive to spare buttons, labels, seams, clothes that are too tight, too loose, the list goes on.
Mornings are a struggle, trying to find school clothes is a struggle.
Can anyone else relate to this, my sister had similar when she was young so it is an actual thing rather than her just being stubborn.
Now going to go a trawl to bring back a selection of school trousers for her to try 😩

OP posts:
Florencenotflo · 24/09/2020 10:20

I'd say my Dd is fussy about some of those rather than sensitive. Labels in knickers and trousers are out straight away, she can't stand them. She likes clothes to be loose, leggings are ok but tops and t shirts I have to buy age 7-8 (she's 4.5) to get the accepted size.

Weirdly school uniform she was fine with, but I need to get her some trousers for the winter soon and I have a feeling she won't like them because they aren't very stretchy like leggings.

She also hates jeans and anything restrictive.

FiddleFigs · 24/09/2020 10:47

Sounds like my 6 year old DD. She won't wear trousers (though leggings are fine) because they're too restrictive - she lives in loose dresses (all tags removed), no buttons/zips.

For school uniform, she wears a jersey pinafore over a polo shirt, and under that a vest - the vest seems to make the buttons on the shirt more bearable.

I don't think she's being fussy - she's been like this since she was a baby/toddler (she used to try to tear her clothes off). If she had it her way, she'd happily prance about naked.

Louise000000 · 24/09/2020 10:55

It's so tiring, I want to try and organise what she will wear the night before but as I work some evenings it's not always possible, plus there are only a couple of things she wi wear which I just have to keep washing and drying over night.
Hope she will grow out of this soon

OP posts:
Linycim · 24/09/2020 11:03

It could be sensory processing disorder. My DCs both have this and finding clothing that feels right (their words) can be a struggle.

Louise000000 · 24/09/2020 11:05

Similar wording from my DD 'this doesn't feel right'
And it's an operation to put her socks on and pull them up and sort all the toe area and then the shoe on and tie the laces, it's military precision!

OP posts:
TeenPlusTwenties · 24/09/2020 11:05

Just to cover all bases, you might want to look into dyspraxia, as sensitivity to clothing can be a trait of it.

TomNookTheHustler · 24/09/2020 11:07

As PP said, look up Sensory Processing Disorder. It is closely linked to autism, which is diagnosed less in girls because they 'mask' more successfully. It's not something they grow out of, they just find coping mechanisms.

QuestionableMouse · 24/09/2020 11:08

Not my child but me. I can't bear some fabrics, tags are torture, anything that's too tight is horrible. In my case I'm pretty sure I'm on the autism spectrum and it's related to that. might be worth a look.

Smellybluecheese · 24/09/2020 11:09

My 5 year old is like this. I dread autumn/ winter every year because she hates all socks, tights etc. She also won't wear trousers - just about tolerates leggings. Hates hats and has done since she was a tiny baby. Can't stand coats. Summer is ok as she can live in loose dresses. She's also very fussy with food textures (hates onions which makes life very difficult as they are in everything) so we still blend up a lot of her food/ sauces etc. Also hates hair bands/ hair clips etc. My nephew was the same (he has ASD).

Clymene · 24/09/2020 11:10

Have a look at the easy dressing range from M&S:

No seams, buttons, labels.

Smellybluecheese · 24/09/2020 11:10

OP, my DD is EXACTLY the same with socks, It's an absolute nightmare. I've tried the seamless ones, putting them inside out etc. but nothing helps.

Linycim · 24/09/2020 11:11

M&S do seamless socks, they worked for mine. And yes both my DCs have Autism as well.

QuestionableMouse · 24/09/2020 11:13

Things that help me:

-if I find clothes that I like I buy them in multiples so I have more choice
-tags out straight away
-wear socks/pants inside out so the seams don't bother me
-cut the elastic bit off socks if they're too tight
-not being forced into wearing something, even if it's in my accepted list, because it'll bother me all day
-Doctor's note for work so I can provide my own trousers. This would probably help with the school uniform too

EddieVeddersfoxymop · 24/09/2020 11:13

Yep, my 13 year old won't wear jeans, jewellery or anything with a zip/metal buttons due to her hatred of metal and its smell. Labels in pants have to go, bra's are sports ones and nothing itchy. She lives in leggings and hoodies.

Ginisatonic · 24/09/2020 11:22

My DD is the same. Itchy labels, no jeans and on one occasion I had to buy her a new top when we were out because the one she was wearing had some embroidery on it and she was in tears.
She’s an adult now and although I no longer have any involvement in cutting the labels from her clothes she still doesn’t wear clothes like jeans.

Stompythedinosaur · 24/09/2020 11:23

Yes. I no longer try to get dd2 to wear clothes she finds uncomfortable and I just pass them on. We found the Next stretchy Jersey school trousers to be the most comfy (and we tried a lot). We also buy seamless bamboo socks from The Sock Shop.

We have a technique that works for wearing shoes, as she finds pretty much all school shoes too stiff - she puts them on, we set a 5 minute timer and we see whether they feel OK after that. They nearly always do, if they don't then I accept they are really uncomfy and send them back. Either way she gets lots of praise for trying.

MojoJojo71 · 24/09/2020 11:24

Yes, 7 year old DD won’t wear trousers or jeans, only leggings. She can’t bear the feeling of anything velvety and we struggle with tights and socks because of the feel of the seams around the toes. Her brother was the same when he was younger and at 24 still only wears a ‘uniform’ of one specific brand of jeans with a loose T-shirt and walking shoes. He suffers from anxiety and is awaiting an adult autism assessment.

Mylittlepony374 · 24/09/2020 11:29

My daughter was/is like this. She would scratch herself until she bled if her clothes didn't feel right. She would never sleep with a blanket, because she didn't like how it felt. We saw an Occupational Therapist and her advice really helped, I'd really recommend finding one with experience in sensory processing disorder.

Louise000000 · 25/09/2020 07:15

Il check out those M&S clothes, it's worth any cost to have easy mornings tbh
We were getting ready for a day out on sat and I completely lost it with her and then I beat myself up the whole day and didn't enjoy The day out! Hated loosing it, but she really presses my buttons and especially if there is somewhere we need to be.

OP posts:
Sara2000 · 25/09/2020 07:23

My DD was like that when she was little. She's 15 now and still has some sensitivities like the seams on socks need to be across her toes in a certain way.

bearlyactive · 25/09/2020 07:27

I used to have an aversion to labels, the pointy bits left after you cut labels out, zips, high neck jumpers, the seams on tights... now only the last one remains, I must have grown out of the rest (although I do have a pointy bit from a label that's bothering me right now!)

H1978 · 25/09/2020 08:30

Dd 10 yr has had this since she was very young. It makes sorting clothes so difficult without labels because I never know what size anything is. I do wonder sometimes that the labels in kids clothes are so big that it’s bound to irritate.

She also prefers leggings and refuses jeans although we have come to a compromise on jeggings at the moment. She also wears her socks over her leggings so her leggings don’t ride up.

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