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Does this Weight loss sound worrying?

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Cantthinkofanamex · 24/09/2020 07:54

Hi everyone. To explain I've always had strong legs and in built slim but strong. Never particularly been fat. I was 11 stone 3 when I feel pregnant 5 years ago with my first child. Perfectly in proportion. Then after the birth i was 13 stone. Got down to 12.5 and then had my second child. Went back up to 13 stone.

He's now 2.5 and i went on a diet when he was one. Lost a stone and a half. Then I got stuck around 11 stone 5 but felt happy I had lost some.

I was very active walking loads and fairly busy with the kids.

Over lockdown I've really lost my fitness level. I have been walking. But nowhere near as much. I have actually been feeling off in lockdown too. A little bit anxious but this is not all the time. I feel quite sluggish and even though I've been trying to get out more I feel like I often just don't quite feel right.

My appetite is not as great but that's just stopped me snacking as much. I am not popping to the shops and stopped having takeout. So I'm eating sensible meals everyday and less cake etc. Which is ofcourse a good thing.

I weighed myself 2 months ago and I was 11 stone 7. So I had put on a few pound from the lack of walking.

I've had a few off days since then. Often feel mildly sickly. Weighed myself this week and I'm 10 stone 11.

Does this sound normal to you? Is it sounding like stress? Muscle loss?

I have spoken to my Dr a few times this year but because I've had three different things over 6 months they don't like me bothering them now. She was really harsh with me last time (I've rang once a month due to things I'm under them for, plus I wanted advice on anxiety. Since then they just won't listen to me.

Any opinions?

OP posts:
Frappuccinofan · 24/09/2020 08:14

How tall are you?

Whilst weighing yourself, was it under the exact same circumstances? Ie did you wear the same clothes, was it the same time of day (recently eating/drinking will skewer it) and was it on the same flooring?

I think it’s a bit nasty that your GP thinks you call them too frequently and have now stopped listening to you. It’s like they have you down as a time waster

Howmanysleepsnow · 24/09/2020 10:30

So you were 11st 5lb pre lockdown and 11st 7lb post lockdown. Did your eating habits change in lockdown or after? If after, that could explain the loss. If they changed in lockdown it’s unlikely walking alone caused such significant weight loss in such a short period of time. Have you started/ stopped any medications?
I’d make an appointment (they can’t refuse) and ask for blood tests including thyroid function and CRP. If you’re over 40 those are done as part of your annual health check anyway.

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