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% of GCSE course missed - help to calculate please ?

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52andblue · 23/09/2020 18:09

If a current Y11 child was sent home (on medical grounds) 1 week before lockdown (so 16 March) as has not yet returned, how much % wise of the course would you say they have 'lost' if they were not given new material during lockdown? (so basically their access to their curriculum paused on 16 March?)
Can anyone help me work it out please?

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bestbefore · 23/09/2020 18:11

I think it's around 20%. Given 3 terms a year minus one for the term they do their exams = 5 terms and they all missed just over 1 term of classroom time. So if your example went off before the end of term it will be more than 20%

PomBearWithoutHerOFRS · 23/09/2020 18:11

Take the hours a week spent on that subject. Multiply by the weeks missed.
Work out how many hours in a normal year.
Divide hours missed by hours normal, and times by 100 for the %

52andblue · 23/09/2020 19:04

Thanks @PomBearWithoutHerOFRS

I hope my Maths is up to that!

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Enrico · 23/09/2020 19:08

They're mostly consolidating after Xmas though; the syllabus is usually pretty much covered by January. So it's probably around 4.5 terms max devoted to content, and they've all missed 1.5 of that, which is a third. It's a fair old whack.

Bessica1970 · 23/09/2020 19:13

That depends, they might not have missed any depending on the school. During lockdown we issued mainly consolidation work in my subject. The bit of ‘new content’ we delivered is being repeated at the end of this year. So no new material will be missed. We’re fortunate to deliver GCSE over 3 years so had some contingency.

TeenPlusTwenties · 23/09/2020 19:15

Are you me OP?

It will also depend on whether your school runs a 2 year or 3 year GCSE course (per subject as it may vary).
Then for maths you could argue it is really a 12 year GCSE course anyway (Smile).
Also then it depends on what the school did over lockdown. So e.g. DD's school only did consolidation activities in English and Maths, whereas they did new content in Science and options subjects.

Broadly speaking though, 5 terms and you have missed one term, so 20%. But if you get up to 1.5 terms missed then it's 30%.

Why no access to new content?

52andblue · 23/09/2020 19:34

It's a rubbish School basically. Academy where only 20% achieve 5 x GCSE's at grade C or above (sorry old money, not used to new grades)

No new content during lockdown at all. and no work could be marked anyway so no real interaction between kids and school. No workbooks could be collected and the wrong syllabus exam book posted home.
TBF, my ds who has ASD couldn't cope with School work at home and didn't do any. But even before I don't think he was doing well but hard to tell as they've not had any assessments for a whole year now.
They ran the Science classes after school and he couldn't attend those (rural bus issues) and his attendance was only 85% (medical issues) so I reckon on that basis and the calculations above he's probably missed a good 30% in general by now (and way more science) as he's not been back so far this Sept :(

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