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To buy Heelys or not for 8yo?

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ladybirdsarelovely33 · 23/09/2020 14:35

DD wants them. We bought them when she was 5 but she kept falling over. She has more of a sense of balance now but I am not convinced as to where she can use them as we aren't going out much at the moment.
She can use them in the house but will it drive me loopy?
Also any advice on which ones if we do - 1 or 2 wheels etc

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CatsArePeopleToo · 23/09/2020 16:00

Sure. 8 is right age

Kanaloa · 23/09/2020 16:18

Yeah I don’t see why not. They don’t make a terrible noise. The best place to use them is on smooth floor or pavement, so if you have carpets at home she probably won’t be driving you mad with them.

itsasmallworldafterall · 23/09/2020 16:27

We were given a pair when DD was about 4/5, she couldn't go on them without falling. Still asked one xmas for some when about 8 and still couldn't go them. Have sat in the cupboard gathering dust since.
To be fair she isnt great at roller skates, skateboard or bike still.

ladybirdsarelovely33 · 23/09/2020 17:50

Ok. We have wooden floorboards so she will be going around on those.....Hmm

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