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Changing primary schools

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Klizza · 23/09/2020 13:52

This is hypothetical as circumstances may change so I'm just after a rough idea

We have DTs who will be starting school in a few years.
However, we are currently in the process of emigrating to Australia.... which for obvious reasons has stalled and we have no clue when we will get out there.
We have to make plans that DC will have to start primary school here.

Should emigrating fall through, we will be moving a distance so commuting them to old school won't be easy.

Is it worth selling up early and moving into rented in the area we would choose to stay/how easy is it to actually transfer schools - Let alone two kids at once?

OP posts:
Luckymum87 · 23/09/2020 15:45

If you possibly can I would move and rent in the area you would like them to go the school. I work in a school and am constantly having to explain to parents that even though they have moved to the area we have no space for their children and there is a long waiting list. I imagine this will be even harder with twins, but this does depend on the area you are moving to.

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