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Stuck at the back of my throat

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RiftGibbon · 23/09/2020 11:05

I have a little bit of food from last night's dinner stuck at the back of my throat. It's in the 'channel' that runs down from behind the nostrils, above my tongue.
I've tried drinking water, gargling, eating dry bread, coughing, sneezing, blowing my nose, clearing my throat and (disgustingly) trying to hawk and spit.
I have a sore throat with a few blisters which I assume is the problem as it's stuck securely above one.
I have tried poking my fingers back but it's making me retch and I can't dislodge it.

So I am turning to the wisdom of mumsnet for help.

OP posts:
SpringIsSprung1 · 23/09/2020 11:53

Are you sure it is food and not just the blisters making it feel like there is something there?

RiftGibbon · 23/09/2020 12:13

It's something scratchy and moves a little - I tried shining a torch on it and it's green - so I really hope it's a bit of herb from my omelette. Feels horrible and annoying.

OP posts:
Lurkingforawhile · 23/09/2020 12:15

That is annoying. I had that with apple peel. I sort of did a weird cough sneeze and it came free. Maybe fizzy drink would help? Just a thought!

SirVixofVixHall · 23/09/2020 12:16

Gargling vigorously might help dislodge it, also eating something thick and scratchy, like crusty bread.

thesearethegoodolddays · 23/09/2020 12:17

Agree with thick and scratchy - maybe try some well done toast?

JovialNickname · 23/09/2020 12:34

I get that sometimes as I have enlarged tonsils and sometimes a bit of food gets stuck! (boak)

I find that for some reason putting my fingers in my ears and swallowing works for some reason? Or eating a bit of dry cracker or breadstick.

Hope you get it sorted soon it's a horrible feeling!

RiftGibbon · 23/09/2020 14:59


That is annoying. I had that with apple peel. I sort of did a weird cough sneeze and it came free. Maybe fizzy drink would help? Just a thought!

Do you think a large gin and tonic might help? copious drinks of water and cups of tea have done nothing. Gargling hasn't helped either so far.
It's at the bottom of where the nasal passages join the throat so quite high, which may be why it's a problem.
(Hard to explain the exact location but almost level with the back of my tongue, and just scratchy/sore)
OP posts:
Vinosaurus · 23/09/2020 15:07

I did something similar myself the other day - was the pithy part of a sugarsnap pea. I kept eating (quite large mouthfuls) and doing very pronounced swallows until something obviously caught it and took it down after about 30 minutes. it was bloody horrid whilst it was there though.

If it's still there tomorrow I'd head off to minor injuries so they can fish it out for you. Not that you're injured as such, but the longer it's there there's the remote chance you could inhale it, and that wouldn't be very fun.

Vinosaurus · 23/09/2020 15:08

and a large G&T ALWAYS helps.

RiftGibbon · 23/09/2020 18:21

Vino it's been where it is for nearly 24 hours. Too far down I think to go back up my nose. I'll have to see where minor injuries is around our way - but it seems silly to go for 'something stuck' that's so small.
G&T tonight though. Obviously for medical purposes.

OP posts:
RiftGibbon · 23/09/2020 19:07

^Sorry realised you meant inhale as in get into my lungs.

OP posts:
bonzo77 · 23/09/2020 19:11

Can you get at it with a drinking straw or chopstick or something to shift it?

Coffeeandaride · 23/09/2020 19:32

Also was going to suggest using a straw and a mirror! Or a big spoonful of peanut butter (to stick to) and crusty bread (to move it) - also it doesn’t sound too bad if not effective 😂

AntiSocialDistancer · 23/09/2020 19:37

Poke with a cotton wool ear bud?

Lurkingforawhile · 23/09/2020 19:39

It's a good point about the risk of inhaling it, as that can cause lung issues. I have those lung issues but caused by something else.

treebarking · 23/09/2020 19:46

It's sounds like it's trapped around the soft palate (this lifts up and down when you swallow to protect food / drink from going up into your nasal cavity. So basically where it's stuck isn't where food and drink normally goes which is probably why eating / drinking isn't shifting it. You need a bit of yanker suction!

You could try some steaming of hot water to try and humidify the area and then try the nose blowing / hacking up again.

It's unlikely to go into your lungs because you don't have any reason to believe your airway won't protect you the minute it senses the debris drop.

RiftGibbon · 23/09/2020 20:43

tree that sounds like where it is. I'll try steaming it later. Really annoying as I can't reach it ... though I haven't tried chopsticks as I only have rough ones and we don't have any straws. I was really hoping it would have shifted by now.

OP posts:
apric0t · 23/09/2020 21:06

Rinsing with a netti pot type thing?

HollowTalk · 23/09/2020 21:14

Could you eat some dry bread? I remember reading that that's supposed to help if you have something like a hair stuck in your throat.

PastelPompoms · 23/09/2020 21:16

I had similar. I found a spoon helped to get it out!

trunumber · 23/09/2020 21:32

You can get a water squinter thing on amazon for tonsil stones. It kind of jet washes your throat and tonsils - it made me gag loads but it might help?

Tempusfudgeit · 23/09/2020 21:47

If you can see it, can you reach it with tweezers?

RiftGibbon · 25/09/2020 22:21

I think it has finally gone! But literally in the last half hour.
Whatever it was moved down behind my tongue, then back to an unreachable part of my throat again... And kept doing that.
I tried using a toothbrush, a spoon and my longest nail, to no effect. Have drink pints of water, coughed, spat, gargled, all to no avail.
This evening I had a takeaway and felt very full, but DC wanted me to read with them for a bit. All the while my throat was getting dryer and dryer and dryer. Had a bit of a cough and felt the bastard scratchy thing get right at the back of my throat which made me cough even more, so went for a sip of water.
I am never putting herbs on my food again!

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