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What's the best iPad / tablet for kids?

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HKmummymoo · 23/09/2020 10:35

My little boy is only a toddler but he loves watching a few little videos on YouTube on my phone. He's only on it for a short time each day and I'm happy with that but I'd like him
To have his own ta let instead of using my phone.

What would people recommend?

This thread is a little old now, but if you’ve landed here looking for a kids' tablet, we’ve recently updated our best tablets for kids page with lots of great options, as tried and tested by Mumsnet users and their children. We hope you find it useful. Flowers

OP posts:
Kpo58 · 23/09/2020 10:36

The Amazon Fire kids tablet.

HKmummymoo · 23/09/2020 10:37

Is YouTube available on amazon fire?

OP posts:
dementedmum33 · 23/09/2020 10:59

My ds has the Amazon fire tablet, and has YouTube on it. It also has kids mode so they can't accidentally purchase apps.

PasstheBucket89 · 23/09/2020 11:03

I found the amazon fire tablet is a bit of a nightmare. Best are ipad mini maybe?

Lottieskeeper · 23/09/2020 11:09

I'm going against the grain here but I 100% would not recommend the Amazon fire.

Maybe it's just my family but we can't get on with it. Were used to Android devices and are fairly tech savvy but the fire just frustrates. We all find it awkward to use.

And then after the 1st year where some (very limited) content was included.
I cancelled the recurring payment to Amazon and now the kids bit has very few apps or games available. So my daughter just uses the adult bit and watches youtube or Disney+.
I'm sure a normal cheapy Android tablet would have been as good if not better.

HKmummymoo · 23/09/2020 12:37

Ah right well that's put me off the amazon fire then. I need it to be easy to use as I have no patience for things like that 😬

OP posts:
FixTheBone · 23/09/2020 12:45

If its just for YouTube pretty much any generic tablet will do, more money means better screen and better battery generally.

We have 6 fire HD 10s in our house, bit of a fiddle to get Google play on.

Personally I'd go for Samsung or lenovo if you don't want any hassle, since Huawei tablets won't have access to Google play store for apps. For just YouTube, an apple ipad is a massive waste of extra money unless you're already set up with apple hardware.

QueQueQue · 23/09/2020 12:49

Agree with PP iPad mini, I've bought referbs from eBay before with guarantee and they often have offers for 20% off electronics on eBay

QueQueQue · 23/09/2020 12:50

Oh and invest in an Otterbox case if it's for a toddler!

MissRainbowBrite · 23/09/2020 12:54

The Samsung tabs are fab if you don't want to spend as much as an Apple iPad.
DD has had her Galaxy Tab A for almost 3 years and its great, battery still holds well and updates fine. It was a Black Friday deal for about £130.

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