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Anyone up for a handhold?

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wheresmyhairytoe · 22/09/2020 23:44

DS 13 started with a cough on Friday. He's coughed constantly since, dry and thickly, no fever and fine in himself. Obviously we're all isolating and are waiting on his covid test results .

Tonight he just can't settle, his cough seems to be getting worse, sounds "deeper" if that makes sense and his chest hurts. He has ASD so struggles to explain how things feel.

I have anxiety which has been bad all day so not helping. He's in bed with me and we're both wide awake, I stupidly googled and it said day 5 is when it can all get worse so I'm now panicking he's got it and the worst will happen.

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BlackeyedSusan · 22/09/2020 23:52

Don't panic. Practise some deep slow breathing for a few breaths then call ooh GP to get some advice.

wheresmyhairytoe · 23/09/2020 00:30

Thank you. Have put some meditation music on and laid stroking his head. He's as big as me now but still my baby.

He seems a little calmer though still coughing and awake. I can't settle until he's asleep.

OP posts:
Lotsalotsagiggles · 23/09/2020 00:39

Try vicks on his chest and feet and give him lots of fluids. Sounds like a nasty chest infection

Opening windows and having damp cloths although will moisturin the air

Happylittlethoughts · 23/09/2020 04:58

Hope you are both settled enough for sleep. If you are unhappy tomorrow I'd call GP.

Bickles · 23/09/2020 05:02

He’ll be ok, it’s always worse in the middle of the night. Prop him up on loads of pillows. Humid air?

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