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Magnetic toys - how could I clean them?

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Soubriquet · 22/09/2020 13:59

Ds really likes magnets and I was thinking of getting him one of those magnetic building sets with all the balls and rods for Christmas.

However, we have been gifted one that is around 20 years old

It all works nicely, only some of the balls are really dull and have a rough sheen on them compared to the really shiny ones.

Is there a way to restore them or do
I have to accept they are just older balls

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Pinkshrimp · 22/09/2020 14:02
Soubriquet · 22/09/2020 14:04

He’s 5 almost 6 and it’s not like what you’ve posted

It’s more like these


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Kanaloa · 22/09/2020 14:17

At the nursery I worked at we would just spray them with milton spray and wipe them. I think you’ll probably have to just accept that some of them look a bit duller/older than others, I’m not sure if there’s anything you can do to get the ‘newness’ back.

AdditionalCharacter · 22/09/2020 14:22

Put them in a colander, put washing up liquid over them and run under a warm tap, moving them with your hands to wash them.

RedCatBlueCat · 22/09/2020 14:24

If they are just the metal balls that are seperate, I'd look at buying new balls and replacing them in the set.
If they are fixed, I'd get a tin of brasso.

FelicityBeedle · 22/09/2020 14:27

If it’s the ball Bearings you can buy them fairly cheaply!

Soubriquet · 22/09/2020 14:29

Thank you.

I was hoping to get the shininess back but I guess I will deal with it since it’s saved me ££ Grin

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