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Have any of you been doorstepped by meter readers?

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AIwaysThereMoonah · 22/09/2020 13:41

Hi there

Just had a guy knock on saying he needed to read my meters.
I have a direct debit, it has been about a year - I have submitted them now online (dual tariff) after refusing the man entry. My point being, that although I hadn't had any reminders to submit readings or been told a meter reader was coming, it would not be a surprise that they needed the figures.
This man had a mask around his neck (not wearing it), some kind of hand-held device, some kind of vest and a lanyard which I didn't pay too much attention to. I am wary of visitors anyway and said it wouldn't be happening, sorry and refused entry which he was a bit shirty about.
Got hold of British Gas and they say they haven't sent any meter readers out since March.
I am hopeless at descriptions so cannot even describe the bloke apart from he looked authentic but I instantly didn't like the guy.

Is this a known scam? Are there no meter readers currently in action and do I need to up my security? I have no security

Thanks for reading

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AIwaysThereMoonah · 22/09/2020 14:03


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crazycatlady20 · 22/09/2020 14:08

not recently but I have had a meter reader appear randomly to check in the past even tho I submit regular readings.

The work is probably contracted out to another company.

if it happens again ask for his details and company info. if hes genuine that shouldnt be a problem then u can maybe arrange a specific time etc for another visit.

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