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Table top ironing board - good idea?

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Notcontent · 21/09/2020 22:41

I don’t have a lot of storage space and I also don’t do a huge amount of ironing - just the occasional cotton shirt or summer dress. I was therefore thinking of getting a table top ironing board as they are quite compact to put away. Does anyone have one?

OP posts:
AlCalavicci · 21/09/2020 22:46

I have a ironing board but rarely use it , If I need to iron anything ( about 2x a month Blush ] ) I put a thick towel on my dinning table or work top . it works fine for me . It may do for you too

Notcontent · 21/09/2020 22:54

That’s about as often as me! Sometimes even less in winter if I am wearing mainly knitted tops.

OP posts:
Chickenfingers · 21/09/2020 23:07

I bought one 2 years ago and I've never used it. I never iron either though Grin

Notcontent · 21/09/2020 23:12

Glad it’s not just me!!!!

OP posts:
AlCalavicci · 21/09/2020 23:14

Try using a towel/ table then , you have got nowt to lose , and I wouldn't want you to feel pressurised into use ing a ironing board just cos you have bought it 😂

Notcontent · 21/09/2020 23:30

Good idea! I think I can remember my mother doing that when I was little.

OP posts:
AlCalavicci · 22/09/2020 08:56

Mums know best Grin

billyt · 23/09/2020 14:31

Those table top ironing boards are a pain to use and too small for anything without a lot of faffing around (unless the item is a hankie Grin)

As said, a towel on a table is just as good.

CatBatCat · 23/09/2020 15:02

I have one for the odd shirt or sewing project that i might be working on. Its hangs quite neatly in the wardrobe and not in the way.

Exploring · 23/09/2020 15:32

I have one, i just do work shirts and it's ok for me.

Sgtmajormummy · 23/09/2020 23:44

We’ve just done a house move phase 1, so living with basics until the main consignment arrives. I have an IKEA tabletop ironing board and I nearly threw it out of the window!
Anything tube shaped (skirts) or big (DD’s new curtains to avoid 5am waking) bunches up and negates the ironing you’ve already done. I did basic flat pressing of trousers and tshirts, so front and back together.
And the board kept skidding. Argh!

At this point a towel on the table is probably a better bet.
Although I have seen an IKEA hack with the board and a trolley combo. I’ll link it.

Sgtmajormummy · 23/09/2020 23:47
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