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Where do you shop for your teenage boys clothes?

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pollysproggle · 21/09/2020 21:47

Once they've grown out of kids sizes?

13 year old DS is 5ft 10" and wears age 14-15 bottoms at the moment but they're coming up a bit short already.

Should I be going on to men's sizes now? Ideally we'd go on a nice shopping trip and try lots of things on but we can't do that at the moment.
Any recommendations for a tall skinny boy?

OP posts:
yeOldeTrout · 21/09/2020 21:48

Primark. Really good for the skinny phase.
Topshop if I had £££

pimble · 21/09/2020 21:52

Ralph Lauren
Jack Wills
Adidas and Nike
(We live by an outlet village)
Also JD sport, H and M do kids upto 16 I think

catchingzzzeds · 21/09/2020 21:53

The men's section of JD Sports, costs me an arm and a leg!

Gohackyourself · 21/09/2020 22:29

My ds is the same and we have been able to start shopping at top man and burtons in xs size.
Also I bought him some joggers from the men’s section in Tesco in a small and they fit HTH

Notnownotneverever · 21/09/2020 22:34 mens section. They come up smallish. My very slim 6ft 1in son wears medium from here.

goingtotown · 21/09/2020 22:40


user1487194234 · 21/09/2020 22:46

JD Sports

wizzywig · 21/09/2020 22:47


mediumperiperi · 21/09/2020 23:05


kingdomcapers · 22/09/2020 20:11

JD Sports
Sports shops at outlets
Pull & Bear

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