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Diagnosed with a tumour today

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YoBigMomma · 21/09/2020 21:10

Can I ask if anyone has had any experience of a first appointment for a diagnosed tumour (yet to be diagnosed as to what it actually is although it's a suspected desmoid tumour)?

Background to this is I started experiencing some discomfort in my right lower abdomen (it runs about 1.5 inches off my c section scar) about 8 weeks ago. Had a burning/stinging pain which would come and go.

I contacted the GP about 2 weeks ago as I thought maybe I had a small hernia and I have to use an anal irrigation system (water up the bum each day to stop incontinence after huge spinal cord issues) and thought it best to get it looked at.

I went for an ultrasound on Saturday where a consultant radiologist took one look at the offending area and said this needs a referral, speak to the GP on Monday. So spoke to a doctor this morning who said it's a tumour if some sort, probably a desmoid tumour. Hence much googling. As it's a connective soft tissue tumour they are referring me to dermatology with a view of involving other specialists. It's come as a bolt out of the blue after a horrid 10 months after I developed Cauda Equina syndrome.

I'm unsure as to what the appointment will bring, and wondering if this initial appointment could be one I went to alone or if I should take my partner. He doesn't get paid for taking a day off so if it's further tests there is not much point in him coming however I would prefer him there if I was to get a firm diagnosis.

If anyone has been through similar or knows the next steps I would really appreciate an idea of what will happen. I think I'm just take a back at the speed of everything and feeling very unsettled this evening.

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yeOldeTrout · 21/09/2020 21:16

can you ring them to ask?
I never heard of Desmoid tumour before, but my quick google suggests docs need to at least do a biopsy to figure out what kind it is (most are benign nuisance not dangerous to health, though). So assuming no biopsy done so far, I could imagine not bringing a partner this time if docs can't tell you anything definite, anyway.

Could someone else go with you, help ask questions & help you remember answers? They say a good strategy is to write down all your questions in a notebook so you can remember to ask them all.

YoBigMomma · 21/09/2020 22:34

Thank you for replying @yeOldeTrout

From my understanding today they are concerned at the speed of which the current mass has grown, and it's more the speed at which these tumours grow than anything else. Apparently they can wrap around organs and the like - thankfully mine is small currently... if it is even a desmoid.

I think I will go alone and see what happens and go from there.

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JoyceByersWasRight · 21/09/2020 22:44

No advice but Flowers OP, you're having a rough time, I'm so sorry. Hope tomorrow brings you answers and hope.

YoBigMomma · 22/09/2020 11:15

@JoyceByersWasRight thank you so much ❤️

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