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Is it time for smaller class sizes now - extra homework/blended learning

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notanoctopus · 21/09/2020 20:31

Forget the fact that most people want schools to be back full time, is it time we accepted that part time schooling may be better and safer for now - especially with the testing situation? Along with wfh where possible?

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Kpo58 · 21/09/2020 20:38

I can't see how it's safer as siblings tend to be in different year groups and mix with each other at the end of the day.

It's also not practical for many people who have more than 1 child as they will end up spending hours outside the school collecting various children with random start and leave times and young kids need to be entertained if not at school, all of which could mean a large slice of the population could loose their jobs and potentially become destitute and loose thier homes.

notanoctopus · 22/09/2020 00:38

It's far from ideal. I just wondered whether it was a more sustainable method of keeping schools open than trying to cram the classes and infecting more people. Obviously he sibling thing is tricky.

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