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Tablet advice for a technophobe?

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thaegumathteth · 21/09/2020 10:11

My daughter would like a tablet - I'm thinking ideally of an iPad or possibly Samsung.

She mainly will use it for Roblox and TikTok and streaming Netflix occasionally. Also needs to have screen record. I'd also like it to be useable with a stylus for example so she use it for art.

Can anyone help? I am entirely clueless.

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ritzbiscuits · 21/09/2020 10:52

I work in app development for a living. If you've got a budget for an iPad or Samsung, I'd highly recommend an iPad. They are the most popular tablet (+phones), so developers like us spend more time getting our apps to work on them. We do very limited testing on Samsung devices, due to them being much less popular, and their range isn't as consistent. In short, that leads to more bugs for end users like you.

Hope that helps.

gigglingHyena · 21/09/2020 19:38

We've have had both iPad and Samsung and for me the Samsung wins. Quite a lot of that is that having an android phone I'm just so much more used to it than the iPad. Cost is the other big factor, an equivalent iPad was quite a lot more.

In the ipads favour there did seem to be a much wider range of cases, especially rugged child proof ones. Otterbox do some really nice ones, though not cheap. There's still a few Samsung cases but they take a it of hunting out.

gigglingHyena · 21/09/2020 19:39

Might be worth seeing if they use any in school, my kids school used iPads which is why we ended up with the same at home.

Roselilly36 · 21/09/2020 19:45

iPad definitely.

thaegumathteth · 21/09/2020 20:30

Thanks all. They use iPads at school but she has a Samsung phone ...

OP posts:
gigglingHyena · 22/09/2020 09:43

Is shes got a Samsung phone, personally I'd stick with Samsung (or any other one running android) that way she'll be able to easily sync them and any paid for apps will run on both as they'll be on the same account.

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