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Botox and beyond

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ProfMcGonigle · 20/09/2020 15:14

I seem to be having an unexpected mid-life crisis!

I’m creeping up to my 50th birthday and I thought I was coping with that quite well. I’ve always been told that I look younger than my age and I honestly didn’t think that it mattered (in hindsight, probably because I believed it was true).

A throwaway comment by a man in a shop yesterday has put me in a bit of a spin (he wasn’t being unkind, it was just his opinion when, hearing my birthday was coming up, he guessed it was my 50th).

Anyway, it was nothing really, just a bit of a trigger for me. I realise this issue is mine, no one else’s. However, I want to ‘tidy myself up a bit’.

I’ve been getting Botox for my mid-brow 11 lines for a few years and wonder what I could do next. I definitely don’t want to look ‘done’, just a bit fresher.

I hate the lines from my nose to the side of my lips (although this was hidden behind my mask when I was in the shop!!)

What else should I investigate?

Oh, if you’re totally against these procedures you’re absolutely entitled to your opinion but please don’t bother to post discouragement. Also, for those who think I’m taking medical advice from internet strangers, I’m not. I fully investigate any procedure; I’m just looking for ideas. Thanks

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