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What is the spookiest thing that ever happened to you?

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Judgejudyandexecutioner · 20/09/2020 11:33

Tell me your true spooky experiences.

OP posts:
MellowMelly · 20/09/2020 12:11

My weirdest one was the death of my Grandpa. My Dad repetitively tried calling both my sister and I in the early hours of the morning to let us know Grandpa had died but was unable to get through to either of us on our mobile phones or my landline. He said it was like we were both disconnected. Just emptiness on the end of his line. He ended up calling our Mum instead (who he had divorced from) and was able to get through to her just fine and she decided to break the news to us later that morning with a cuddle in person. It was kind of better that way in the end than finding out in the bleak early hours of the morning when you are by yourself.

Then the whole journey to the funeral was bizarre, almost comical when we look back now, but what happened next was peculiar. We left the hotel to go to the funeral and when we sat in the back of the funeral car my mobile phone went crazy. It kept flashing up with its power off screen which was pure white and said ‘Goodbye’. Then ever so briefly a photo I had taken of Grandpa popped up followed again by the screen with ‘goodbye’ on. I tried to sort it out but it wouldn’t turn off and just kept flashing ‘goodbye’. I ended up taking the battery pack off.
As we were driving along in the procession I realised that the man sitting with the coffin in the very back of the hearse looked remarkably like my Grandpa so mentioned it to my Dad who gave me a rather strange look. It was only when I got out of the funeral car and walked round to the hearse that I realised there was no way that you could of sat in the back of the hearse next to the coffinShock

When we arrived back home my phone was still playing up so I sent it off to be fixed. It got returned a few days later with a letter/invoice saying no fault could be found. Sure enough it was working just fine so I went on to have a look at my last ever photo I had taken of Grandpa a few weeks prior to his death. The one that flashed up in the funeral car. It was gone.

I’ve had many strange experiences but that one by far stands out as just being so odd.

Clawdy · 20/09/2020 13:40

I heard DD giggling in her cot, and walked in, saying "What are you laughing at?". She pointed to the end of the room and said "Der man !" with a happy smile on her little face. I wasn't spooked, I had a feeling it might have been my dad, who never lived to see her.

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