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Whoops just woke myself up just now by sleep apnea

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Frownette · 20/09/2020 05:59

I was trying to explain to a hotel that I didn't order pizza from them and then trying to explain to the police I hadn't, then woke up fully still muttering and looking around for pizza wrapping.

I must drive my neighbours berserk.

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WinWinnieTheWay · 20/09/2020 06:03

I do this, I didn't know that the dreams were a symptom of sleep apnea. I thought apnea was stopping breathing.

ChangingStates · 20/09/2020 06:13

How do you know it was sleep apnea?

Frownette · 20/09/2020 06:17

Not entirely sure actually; it was explained to me that if you wake yourself up shouting/talking then it's one part of sleep apnea!

It's really disconcerting.

Sorry that you have this too.

OP posts:
Ratatcat · 20/09/2020 07:15

That doesn’t sound like apnea. My husband’s always presented as grunting/gasping for breath.

itchyfinger · 20/09/2020 07:17

Sleep apnea is stopping breathing in your sleep. Not vivid dreams Grin

emptyshelvesagain · 20/09/2020 09:16

OP you were not asleep. You were posting consistently on your other thread at that time. Are you ok? Are you in the U.K.?

itchyfinger · 20/09/2020 14:35

I've just realised is this the same poster as the parcels/presents thread? OP are you ok?

Frownette · 20/09/2020 15:20


I've just realised is this the same poster as the parcels/presents thread? OP are you ok?

Oh yeah fine, parcel turned out to be USB lights, and I'm currently wearing really lovely dress from bag of clothes. Best thing about this dress is that I can pull it on over my head so don't need to ask for assistance with zipping (neighbours are all male), and it has pockets.

So I was worrying about nothing.

I did think sleep apnea was only breathing until someone told me early this year perhaps, before lockdown, a story about a wardrobe and he said it was because he had sleep apnea so I thought if you shouted or sleepwalked it was related to sleep apnea.

Apologies if I've got that wrong :)

I wasn't very well yesterday with what appeared to be a chest infection so disliked any disturbance, and was sleeping on/off for about 24 hours.
OP posts:
Mydarlingsleepthief · 20/09/2020 15:23

Are you feeling better now?

Frownette · 20/09/2020 16:22


Are you feeling better now?

Yes, thank you, only slight mucus/phlegm and I can keep things down.

But when you're ill you don't want to be disturbed by random things. I just wanted to be left alone yesterday.
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