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SardineOil · 19/09/2020 19:53

I've recently got back with my ex who is a great guy the reason we split up was due to both having mental health issues.
After we split I got back with the kids dad for 8 months. Fast forward to yesterday I did a pregnancy test and it was positive I think I'm about 6-8 weeks. It's my kids dads, I know this because the first time I had sex with great guy was last week.
I'm having a termination due to already having 3 children and the dad being a control freak.
I told great guy today, I thought it was best I was honest and open from the start. He didn't take it well, said he needs time to process it. I just said please don't let something that happened before we got together ruin us. My mum told me not to tell him but I just thought the best thing to do was that she honest. Now I'm not sure it was

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RunningFromInsanity · 19/09/2020 20:03

To be honest, there is no point second guessing it. You’ve told him now, you can’t take it back.
If he decides to support you through the termination that he is a ‘great guy’.
If he doesn’t, then you’ve dodged a bullet.

He does need time to process it, give him a little while then have a discussion, explain that you will need a bit of support after the procedure both mentally and physically.

SardineOil · 19/09/2020 20:12

Thanks for replying @RunningFromInsanity, I was just trying to do the right thing but as usual it's fucked to things up

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Cheesecake53 · 19/09/2020 20:47

I think, too, that it might be a blessing in disguise. If he does not support you through this, then what can you expect in 10 or 20 years?

SardineOil · 19/09/2020 21:05

Yeah I suppose so, he's waiting for a diagnosis of bi polar and I've told him I'll stand by him no matter what so to have him behave like this is a bit of a kick in the teeth Sad

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