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Fruit flies: A trap that really works.

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Malahaha · 19/09/2020 15:43

So many threads on fruit flies! Boring, I know!.
Just wanted to say there IS a trap that works, but it's not available in the UK as far as I can tell. I used to use it in Germany and it was a mircale: flies reduced by about 95%.

It's available on and I ordered it to Ireland. You have to pay postage, obviously, to the UK. Here is a link:

I bought a pretty ceramic one in the UK for about £18 and it was useless: a few flies went in, but they crawled out again! This one traps them really; it isn't pretty as it's plastic, but it works.

The alternative is to vacuum them, but you have to keep the vacuum out and repeat every hour because more come.

I tried to upload a video of my trap full of flies crawling but it didn't upload and anyway, it's a bit off-putting! The photo on the amazon add is accurate, just imagine them all crawling around. Ugh.
My good deed for the day.

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Malahaha · 19/09/2020 15:50

It's called Trapango and this is their website. In German, naturally, but with nice photos! :) Of fruit flies!

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KTD27 · 19/09/2020 15:52

I’ve never ever found a bloody trap that worked. Thanks for this!

tectonicplates · 19/09/2020 15:54


All you need to do is put out a shallow dish of apple juice and wait for the flies to drown in it.

Malahaha · 19/09/2020 15:56

If it was so easy why are there 10+ threads on here about how to get rid of them?

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sueelleker · 19/09/2020 16:27

I use cider vinegar with a dash of washing up liquid (to break the surface tension) I've drowned hundreds of the little b*s this summer. You can buy fruit fly traps in Robert Dyas, but it gets a bit expensive.

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