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One of those that can’t stop eating!

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Afibtomyboy · 19/09/2020 12:25

Anyone else?

It’s not “junk” ie biscuits and crisps and I don’t enjoy stuff like that.

But lentil ragi for dinner.... gone
Chicken and avo salad.... gone
Roasted chickpeas x 4 portions... gone
Giant fruit salad... gone
Bowl of granola.... gone

And I’m still peckish!

OP posts:
Afibtomyboy · 19/09/2020 12:26

One of those DAYS
My OP should say

OP posts:
Afibtomyboy · 19/09/2020 12:27

Packet of cooked prawn and chilli sauce currently being demolished

Usually I’m so strict
But when there’s a change in routine....

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Alonelonelyloner · 19/09/2020 12:29

I had one of those yesterday. It was ridiculous.
But mine included a lot of chocolate, nuts and crisps.

Afibtomyboy · 19/09/2020 12:30

What did you have?

I don’t mind the odd day like this

But does mean when I head out I’ll be going slowly!

OP posts:
VictoriaBun · 19/09/2020 12:30

Is it due to boredom ?

WorraLiberty · 19/09/2020 12:32

Go for a walk and stop focusing on food maybe?

Unless you have a binge eating disorder, I'd say you just need to think about something else and drink some water.

Afibtomyboy · 19/09/2020 12:34


Is it due to boredom ?

Just usually so busy don’t have time to sit really until evening

Today.... easy one. Hence opportunity

Right coffee and sort the laundry!
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