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Weird or not weird?! Parties.

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pommedeterre · 19/09/2020 08:37

Have a big birthday before the end of this year. Have started organising small covid rules friendly events instead of big bash I was planning.

I have a dinner out booked with some newish friends next week (made from dd starting school last year). I was going to ask them to do another one later in the year and make it one of my mini parties (and pay for them all).

Things seem to be tightening up quickly restriction wise. Would it be weird to ask them to make the one we have booked my mini party?? Does it sound attention grabbing and another stress for them somehow?!

OP posts:
thedevilinablackdress · 19/09/2020 08:44

You're already arranged to meet up with this group but want to change the format from dinner to a more special party? Is that right?
Only if it involves absolutely no work or effort on their part. Otherwise just go with what you have arranged and enjoy your friends' company.

whiteroseredrose · 19/09/2020 08:50

Have the mini party next time lockdown lifts a bit. It could be your 40.5 birthday of whatever.

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