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18th birthday present ideas

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DuckyMcDuck · 18/09/2020 17:30

My niece will be 18 next month and I am looking for some birthday present ideas. I'm sending a cheque towards a new laptop but also wanted to get her something smallish age 18 related.

Any ideas please.

OP posts:
BackforGood · 18/09/2020 22:30

Overwhelmingly, my dd had bottles of alcohol.
Doesn't like prosecco (as not many seem to) but flavoured gin seems popular amongst her peers.
Posh chocolates were also appreciated.
She had a back pack too, which she loved, but that might be a bit niche!

This is presuming you want 'something to wrap' as you are sending money for a lap top ?

My nieces all wanted 'something to keep' (jewellery, mostly, though one wanted a handbag) - that they will keep for years and know it was a gift from us.

Sheknowsaboutme · 18/09/2020 22:42

I bought my DD a Clogau bracelet. She wears it but its also a keepsake.

Ricekrispie22 · 19/09/2020 08:19
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