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Legal issue - help please!

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Scoobidoo · 18/09/2020 16:41

We own our flat as leaseholders from the council. 10 years ago they renewed the roof and billed us a portion. This started a nightmare of leaks into our flat over 4 years, every time the council contractor came out, ‘fixed’ it and we redecorated, and then it happened again.

Eventually our local councillor got involved, the new roof was surveyed and found to need completely replacing. We agreed to pay once the roof was completed. The roof was replaced but the follow up recommendations were not actioned. For 10 years I have been asking the council about this and refusing to pay until they are.

Today I received a solicitors letter threatening to get a judgement against me. I still have a defective roof after 10 years! I’m happy to pay, but only once the work has been done properly. I’m so worried, please help.

OP posts:
listsandbudgets · 18/09/2020 17:05

OP report your post and ask Mumsnet to move it to legal matters. You'll get much better answers there.

I'd be taking a very close look at your lease holders contract if I were you. You may have no choice but to make an arrangement to pay up

It may be that the council's problem should not be with you but with their contractor. It depnds whether they put the follow up actions into the specifications of the contract when the roof was done for a second time?

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