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Best Android diary / calendar app that "feels like" a regular paper diary?

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YouWereGr8InLittleMenstruators · 18/09/2020 13:49

I am looking for a diary app which has 'paper diary' like features.
I want to be able to swipe pages, with changeable view; day / week / fortnight / month-to-view, and enter new appts, links and notices with ease, and have some flexibility with the 'hierarchy' on the page for each day, e.g. ordering events according to priority on some days, and chronologically, appointments diary-style, on other days.
Ideally, I would like each day to have a huge capacity so I can attach / take notes, make jottings and add diagrams etc to the page of any given day, like I would in my regular diary. Does such an app exist? I am reluctantly transitioning to keeping my diary on my phone, having been a huge fan of regular paper diaries until now.
Any recommendations?

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oiio · 18/09/2020 14:23

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