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Where is fun to take 8 yo dd Central London

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ladybirdsarelovely33 · 18/09/2020 12:37

We are have some mum and dd time tomorrow and wondered where could be fun. She won't want to go to a museum or gallery. We can go anywhere in Central London

OP posts:
SquirmOfEels · 18/09/2020 17:34

Have a browse in the topic:

It's been a bit quiet in there of late, but the 'hidden gems' thread is worth a read, and there are several older ones with suggestions on what to do for a day out. But for everything you need to check what the Covid restrictions are and if you need to book ahead.

Not quite central,but easy to reach is the QE Olympic Park - the ArcelorMittel (Europe's biggest helterskelter) is open

If not Museum/gallery, what sort of thing do you like?

DuckyMcDuck · 18/09/2020 17:36

The Diana playground in Kensington Gardens. Nearest entrance is the Queensway/Notting Hill Gate end of K. Gardens

NB this is not the fountain which is closed, it's a great playground.

bookmum08 · 18/09/2020 18:09

What are her interests? Are you wanting to spend money? My daughter's Facebook places are all shops Hmm Lego Store, Forbidden Planet, Foyle's and the Tottenham Court Rd Primark are all near each other. I like them all too except for boring Primark.

bookmum08 · 18/09/2020 18:11

favourite not Facebook.

Thinkle · 18/09/2020 18:20

The view from the shard is very special.
Tower bridge experience is also good whilst you are in the area

xoxogossipgirl2020 · 18/09/2020 18:24

What about Tower of London? I love it there but I’m like to be a bit of a tourist even though I live nearby!

Ripleys believe it or not? (I don’t know if it’s open!) visit a cupcake shop, hummingbird is my fave but there are loads. We always go Covent Garden but not since all this so can’t vouch for it! We love shrek world too.

Ricekrispie22 · 18/09/2020 18:33

Themed afternoon tea like the Mad Hatter’s or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Thames River cruise
Afternoon tea bus
London Aquarium
Shrek’s Adventure

JustAPassingFashion · 18/09/2020 18:42

Sharks adventure and the London eye we're both a huge hit with my 6yo. As was the M&M's shop... we killed over an hour in there.

Also, there's a big arcade near the London Eye. Cost us a fortune but we spend a whole afternoon in there

1starwars2 · 18/09/2020 19:08

The London Eye, Hamleys and Covent Garden, are my childrens favourites

ladybirdsarelovely33 · 18/09/2020 20:16

Thank you so much. She is in to shopping Grin
So will try some of those stores but love the idea of an afternoon tea - she will love that too.
We can do the river cruise another day or an open top bus- maybe in the Spring.

OP posts:
HomesUnderTheSpanner · 18/09/2020 20:27

Another vote for Covent Garden. I have lovely memories of my DDad taking me there to see the street performers and orchestras.

Splendidseptember · 18/09/2020 20:30

Mad hatter tea is not open.
Charlie, if that's open was wonderful!! Utterly beautiful... Exciting etc....

Dd loved it.

jelly79 · 18/09/2020 20:34

M&M world / shop
Buckingham Palace

Montsti · 18/09/2020 20:56

Not sure if all this is currently open due to Covid, but I took my daughter to the following when in London:
Shreks Adventure
London Eye
Lego Store & M&M World (opposite each other)
One Aldwych for Charlie & the Chocolate Factory afternoon tea
Matilda at the theatre
Bubba Gump for lunch (Leicester Square)
Walk around Leicester Square
Buckingham Palace, Big Ben etc..
Kidzania but it’s in Westfield so further away...and probably closed!
One of those Tuk tuk bike things to travel from A to B - SO much fun!

ladybirdsarelovely33 · 19/09/2020 01:25

Brilliant ideas! Thank you.

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