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Face mask designs

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MsMiaWallace · 17/09/2020 20:02

What face masks design do you wear if any?
I've seen some really colourful ones recently.

OP posts:
MyNameHasBeenTaken · 17/09/2020 20:07

A lady on here made some tor me and my kids
They are a nice mix of cotton print fabrics.
I got complimented on one the other day.

I have 2 plain grey (not from here)
1 bright vehicles
Little flowers

Ds has grey, patterns in grey, camo

Dd has
Shark mouth (not from here)
Bright fruits

InMySpareTime · 17/09/2020 20:11

Loads of different ones, I love making them and foisting them on any visitors!

Face mask designs
thebeatofthedrum · 17/09/2020 20:15

I use fat quarters from HobbyCraft (which ever are on sale) and make them myself. They're all patterned - some grown up patterns and some cute patterns. I've got some Christmas fabric in stock for later in the year.

I also love making them and giving them away - I find it very therapeutic to sit and sew.

MsMiaWallace · 17/09/2020 20:21

@InMySpareTime that's a great selection you've got there!!

OP posts:
MarkRuffaloCrumble · 17/09/2020 20:24

My favourite one has bears on it. I also made one to match a new dress I bought - it had an annoying bow on the shoulder so I removed it and turned it into trim for a mask.

Face mask designs
AndNoneForGretchenWieners · 18/09/2020 20:31

I got mine from this lady on Etsy


I have the rainbow galaxy, a Peter Rabbit one, one with blue clouds, a couple of Matilda ones and have just ordered a poppy one.

Prokupatuscrakedatus · 18/09/2020 21:01

I have red stripes, brown stripes, plain white, one from a homeless shelter initiative in an 'old handkerchief' design, a comfy black foamy one and the same in pink - but that makes me look like Miss Piggy's grandma - and one with black beetles on.

badlydrawnbear · 18/09/2020 21:25

reluctantbrit thanks, I have been looking for an adult size dinosaur print mask for ages!
andnoneforgretchenweiner I love those Matilda ones

I already have plenty of face masks and don't need any more, but nevermind!

AndNoneForGretchenWieners · 18/09/2020 22:00

badlydrawnbear they are, aren't they? I love the Trunchbull one Grin

AndNoneForGretchenWieners · 18/09/2020 22:01

Edit: they are good... missing my words!

Davros · 18/09/2020 23:44


Nat6999 · 19/09/2020 00:10

I'm wearing a plain black nylon type one at the moment, I can't stand the disposable ones, me & my mum have been discussing getting some fat quarters & making fabric ones. Does anyone make them with a pocket for filters in?

sorryforswearing · 19/09/2020 03:22

Bought one with a pocket for filters from Amazon. Flamingo design. Got a couple of small flower print ones too.

ragged · 19/09/2020 04:29

someone about an hour away, on a favourite cycle route, makes them. Sells for £2 each. All sorts of colourful fabrics plus plain black/brown.

Toilenstripes · 19/09/2020 04:40

I just got these two from Caroline Gardner. They’re comfortable and have adjustable straps.

Face mask designs
Foxyloxy1plus1 · 19/09/2020 08:29

Callowgreys Patches do colourful ones with adjustable straps. You can choose round the ear or round the head. Two or three layer.

TroysMammy · 19/09/2020 08:33

I've got a panda face one. My DP bought it for me off Etsy. I just need to make a headband with black pom poms for ears and my panda obsession will be complete 🐼

RaingodsWithZippos · 19/09/2020 16:42

I bought some a week ago from the link that AndNone shared. I'm very pleased with them, there are various options to get the right fit for your face, and pretty prints Grin

Holothane · 19/09/2020 16:45

I’ve got a tardis themed one, Liverpool fc themed ones, leaopard print ones I want Star Wars next.

RaingodsWithZippos · 19/09/2020 16:52

I have a star wars one!

Face mask designs
badlydrawnbear · 19/09/2020 16:52


I've got a panda face one. My DP bought it for me off Etsy. I just need to make a headband with black pom poms for ears and my panda obsession will be complete 🐼

That sounds amazing. I've got one with pictures of pandas on, but would also really like a panda face.
SadiePurple · 19/09/2020 19:32

I bought one with a built-in scarf, I thought it would save me pulling the mask in and out of my handbag. It's awful quality though, like a piece of rag.

Brigante9 · 19/09/2020 20:06

I have a French flag and a Paris one for work, plus a very pretty floral one from Etsy.

GarlicMcAtackney · 19/09/2020 23:13

I prefer pleated, elastic ear bands, cotton. A polyester one I have is too sweaty to wear all day at work, and ones that tie at the back of my head are really annoying. I bought a lovely floral fabric one on eBay

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