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How do we get baby sleeping in a cot, not the bed?

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mcgonagalscat · 17/09/2020 19:58

We have a 6 month old DS- I feed him in our room (where his cot is) each evening, after I have finished putting DS1 to bed in his room.

Baby feeds to sleep, I can put him next to me in the bed where he will happily stay all night, but he feeds a lot throughout the night and we would like him to be in his cot next to bed instead, so I can at least roll over or stretch or maybe even give my DH a cuddle lol.

How do we do it? If I put him in cot after a feed he cries and only way to settle is to feed and it begins again. 'Sleepy but awake' is what I've read about and that feels impossible.

Any advice appreciate as DS1 was in our bed until he was 2 Blush

OP posts:
MyNameHasBeenTaken · 17/09/2020 20:04

What about 8ne of those cots with an open side right against your bed?
Or wear an old tee shirt so it smells of you.
Use the shirt as a sheet. Put it round the mattress so cant come loose!

Fast90 · 17/09/2020 20:07

It’s ok if baby cries. Reassure him in the cot and come away for a couple of minutes before going back in and doing the same again until he self settles.

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