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Will getting a new puppy be prohibitive to me going back to work?

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Areyousureted · 17/09/2020 13:31

Kids are approaching an age where I would like to go back to work sometime. Just something part time preferably. Maybe be a school psa for instance. Now the kids are desperate for a puppy as all their friends have dogs (well almost) I know it is generally always the mum who ends up caring for a puppy. Will it mean I will end up stuck at home looking after the dog for the next 10 years? Am I have others experiences with this? Tia

OP posts:
tabulahrasa · 17/09/2020 13:48

An adult dog should (they’re not always) be fine being left alone up to 4 hrs a day, but they’ll need someone full time for anywhere between 6 months and 2 yrs old... it’s usually on the shorter end, but it is kind of dog and breed dependant.

If you’d need to be out longer than that or sooner than that then you’d be wanting to outsource the dog care.

Also though to factor into any future plans, the puppy market at the moment has had a huge boom because of lockdown - decent breeders waiting lists are at 2+ years long in some cases and anyone breeding to cash in with puppies immediately available has raised the price to thousands.

And... I wouldn’t get a puppy because kids want one tbh, you need to want one because for the first few months it’s like having an extra toddler move in, a sharp bitey, completely incontinent toddler at that.

Stompythedinosaur · 17/09/2020 14:23

Unless you have a job where you take take the dog, or are willing to pay for doggy daycare, then having a dog probably isn't a good idea if everyone is out at work. Dogs aren't really an animal that deals well with being alone all day.

Cats are OK though.

StillMedusa · 17/09/2020 14:46

We got our dog last year.. and had thought carefully about how it would work. We made the assumption that we would NOT be able to leave her at all for a very long time... so I dropped a day at work for the day my son is out all day, and he cares for her in the mornings other days til he goes to work, then a dog walker comes and takes her out.
It works, because I was right ..she is a 'never leave me' breed, and she needs people. But it is time and thought consuming, costly, and I have no idea how we will ever go on holiday again!!! I adore her and have no regrets but dogs are a massive committment... a permanent toddler.

Puppies are cute... but they bite. A lot. They are incontinent, you have to be up in the night at first, and they can chew everything .Mine was a dream puppy but she was still a lot of work, and training takes committment.
TBH I would NEVER get a dog 'because the children want one' because they aren't the ones doing the work and they may well be scared of the biting phase, and resent their toys being trashed. Plus you have to walk your dog several times a day in all weathers and if you can't leave your children behind because they are too young... that's going to be grim!

I think having a dog is a huge joy.. but the timing has to be right!

Areyousureted · 17/09/2020 14:52

Thanks for the input. I was aware of the price increase with the lockdown. I saw a puppy I liked the look of on gumtree but it was £3000 and that is so much to spend ! I guess if we get a dog I am committing really to staying at home for just now. Kids are old enough o could leave them while I pop around the block for a walk. So that’s not an issue. Hmm a lot to think about

OP posts:
purpleboy · 17/09/2020 15:07

Please don't buy a dog from gumtree. Find a reputable breeder, usually kennel club have all their registered breeders on their site.
Don't underestimate the level of care and sacrifice needed when getting a dog. Depending on the breed you could be needing to walk a couple of times a day for 1hr+ each walk. Spontaneous day out with the kids gone! Holidays a thing of the pastGrin even peeing in peace is a unlikely event.
I love our dog to pieces but I won't ever get any other one, plus don't expect the kids to help past the first week!

Wolfiefan · 17/09/2020 15:10

Definitely avoid Gumtree.
Rescue or approach the breed club about breeders.
The kids may be desperate for a dog but it’ll be you walking and training and cleaning up after it. Do YOU want a dog?
And I personally wouldn’t work full time without using daycare.

EstherLittle · 17/09/2020 15:11

Why does it have to be a puppy? Would you consider a rescue dog? Please don’t buy from gumtree it’s you do go for a puppy. Often the puppies have been bred from stolen dogs.

UnfinishedSymphon · 17/09/2020 15:35

Never ever buy from Gumtree and never ever buy a puppy to leave on its own, it needs socialising and training, it takes more than a few weeks!

Blobby10 · 17/09/2020 16:16

Its not just the commitment whilst you are at work either. With a dog you can kiss goodbye to spontaneous day trips or meals out to anywhere (unless they are dog friendly) ditto holidays.

Dogs often live for more than 10 years but also spend many years slowing down - with my 2 the rickety years lasted for 5 years. They were hard years especially as marriage broke down at the start of and I was left looking after 2 elderly dogs by myself, cleaning up their incontinence, very slow walks and finally making that horrendously hard decision of when to have them PTS on my own. And didn't have anyone there to pat my shoulder and say 'there there its OK - you made the right decision' either.

Dogs are wonderful but they are a huge commitment - I won't be having another until I don't work anymore (although by that time I will probably be too old and decrepit to cope with one Grin)

VanillaSpiceCandle · 17/09/2020 16:43

A dog is a massive commitment and you’ll be the one looking after it for 10-15 years. It’s not just the daily walks it’s adding costs to holidays for kennelling, vets bills and/or insurance.

However there’s no reason why you can’t go for a meal out or go for a wee in peace. There’s some very strong opinions on how long to leave dogs and many breeds won’t destroy the house or howl if you go out for a pizza in the evenings.

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