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Mablethorpe - Haven Holiday

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Mamascoven · 17/09/2020 10:04

Has anyone visited Mablethorpe recently? We are due to go there for 3 nights on the 2nd Oct. It was originally booked for April but was obviously cancelled so we rebooked for Oct. I know the usual haven activites are swimming etc are closed but wondering if anyone has been and if there is much open?

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susiella · 17/09/2020 10:12

I went to Mablethorpe on 27/8 (not Haven but actual Mablethorpe) by 9pm everything had shut

Teacup34 · 17/09/2020 10:17

I went to Mapplethorpe in July and everything was open as usual except the outdoor wading pool but oct would be too cold for that anyway 😁. I can't comment on the haven site as we just came for the day but the beach is lovely there so good for a walk. Plenty of places to visit nearby if you drive so if you are stuck for something to do maybe have a drive out.

speedymum1968 · 17/09/2020 11:49

I have been on a haven holiday recently not Mablethorpe but it was well organised but you had to book your slot for everything swimming restaurant and the bars on the haven app . We pre-booked some swimming sessions.

speedymum1968 · 17/09/2020 11:50

It's worth phoning the site direct to ask if you can pre-book anything

Aroundtheworldin80moves · 17/09/2020 11:59

We wete I Mablethorpe, but not Haven in the summer. The seal sanctuary just opposite Haven is a nice day for small children. We spent most of our time on the Beach, but August is slightly warmer than October. The funfair in the beach front was open then.

Mamascoven · 17/09/2020 16:21

@susiella We usually head out early anyway and the kids are nackered by about 6pm!
@Teacup34 The beaches are lovely there! If theres not much to do we will definetely have a drive somewhere. Thankyou!
@speedymum1968 Thanks for your reply, I shall give Haven a ring then to see if we can pre-book things!
@Aroundtheworldin80moves Thankyou! Im hoping the fair is open but not holding out much hope with it being Oct!

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