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Vintage boots lip balm

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Bioprepper · 16/09/2020 22:57

I was going to post this in style and beauty but it’s driving me mad so I thought I’d post here for traffic.

I had a wave of nostalgia today and purchased an own brand spearmint lip balm from boots and I remembered a yellow one I used to buy as well. I used to love it. Obviously they don’t sell it anymore :(

Does anyone remember what scent it was?

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TitianaTitsling · 16/09/2020 23:00

Tutti fruity?

Bioprepper · 17/09/2020 09:10

It wasn’t tutti fruity. Defo not a fruity smell

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Latenightreader · 17/09/2020 09:12

Was it a honey one? I remember honey lip balm in the 90s, in the days when I owned at least a dozen!

ShortAndSharp · 17/09/2020 09:26

Not own-brand, but could it have been Carmex? It used to be available in little tins, I think.

ChaChaCha2012 · 17/09/2020 09:30

The Soltan one was in a yellow tube in the nineties.

GameSetMatch · 17/09/2020 09:41

Was it one of the natural collection stacker pots? I forgot all about those, I used to love them.

worriedandannoyed · 17/09/2020 09:53

Yes I used this one too!

Wasn't there a spearmint one, peppermint and the yellow one was meant to be unflavoured but it smelt (and tasted!) nice

EltonJohnsSunglasses · 17/09/2020 10:00

Am sure they did a lemon one in a yellow tube....

TheMostHappy · 17/09/2020 10:03

I think it was vanilla. It was a sort of buttery vanilla flavour if I remember correctly.

crochetmonkey74 · 17/09/2020 10:05

I remember this! the yellow one reminded me of this cream thick medicine you got when you were little- it tasted nice!

Bioprepper · 17/09/2020 22:39

I found it and you can still buy it on eBay!! Thanks for your help everyone it was the UV one. It smelt and tasted amazing!!

Vintage boots lip balm
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Bioprepper · 17/09/2020 22:40

@GameSetMatch I loved the stacker pots!

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