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Losing weight with Chronic Pain?

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Flannelpjs · 16/09/2020 14:38

Has anyone here lost a significant amount of weight while suffering from chronic pain conditions? I am currently very over weight (obese really) at 250lbs.

I really struggle with joint pain, IBS, chronic migraine, heavy periods due to fibroids and recurrent anemia which is tricky to treat. My blood sugar and blood pressure is concerning and I know my weight is a major cause of my health problems. I am not typically depressed but my pain can get me down but recently I have been feeling low as I feel like my health issues are on the brink of slipping out of control.

I am only in my early 40's but am starting to feel like my life is over which I know isn't good and shouldn't be true, but I am am seriously worried about what the future holds for me.

Has anyone else been in the same boat and lost weight? If so do you have any advice for me?

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PinkPlantCase · 16/09/2020 14:45

Hi Op I haven’t had to do any significant weight loss but exercise wise I find walking to be the only thing that doesn’t make me hurt loads more.

I have chronic pain in my upper back, shoulders, neck and head.

I’ve tried all sorts, yoga, strengthening my core and swimming but I always go back to walking because frankly most other things put me in more pain.

Are you able to walk much? Perhaps going for a walk every other day with a longer one at weekends could help?

I did do Zumba for a bit and that was good fun but I had a tendency to push myself too much as I wanted to keep up with everyone else.

Flannelpjs · 16/09/2020 14:56

@PinkPlantCase Thanks for responding I am walking fairly often and try to do 10,000 steps a day but perhaps its isn't enough for significant weight loss. Sometimes the weather is very poor and so thats harder. I keep hearing I need to do HIIT to really lose weight but my body is so large now its tough to do that sort of exercise.

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Isadora2007 · 16/09/2020 15:00

Weight loss is not dependent on exercise. Download myfitnessPal app or something like that and look at the NHS website on calories etc for your height and weight. Or look at Michael mosely intermittent fasting or fast 800 type diet. Then when the weight reduces you may feel more able to exercise. But bodies are built in the kitchen. Not the gym.

PinkPlantCase · 16/09/2020 15:01

I do sometimes do 10 minute hit classes from youtube aswell. Low impact ones so I don’t jump about too much. They’re good and short enough for me to manage.

Do you drive? The odd weekend hill walk could be better for weight loss than walking on the flat. 10,000 steps is really good though!

riotlady · 16/09/2020 15:07

Research suggests that although exercise is great for your health and motivation, it actually doesn’t have that much benefit for weight loss because the calorie burn isn’t that great compared to what a person eats in a day. So I would keep doing whatever exercise is comfortable for you (walking, gentle stretching) and focus more on calories- as a pp said, MyFitnessPal is great for keeping track of things.

Flannelpjs · 16/09/2020 15:27

@Isadora2007 Thank you, yes I undestand calories are important. Ido find it hard to diet when I'm in pain as I can hardly think and will just do whatever it is I need to do to feel better in the short term which might go against my long term goals. Its something need to overcome. If I could have a couple of weeks with not much pain I could have some headspace, plan and have time to establish new habits and hopefully feel the benefits but it doesn't work like that and I rarely go a day or more without pain. Still I know I just need to do it somehow.

@PinkPlantCase I don't think I'm fit enough for a hill walk just yet but it is a goal of mine to do just that. I wll check out the short hit clases on youtube.

@riotlady Thanks for replying. I will start with myfitness pal even just to see what I am actually eating calorie wise.

I am seeing my GP tomorrow to discuss things and for some blood tests but I appreciate there isn't much they can do. I think I am at the point where doing something is critical but I just no longer belive in myself anymore as I've let myself down so often.

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