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Primary school advice - Leyton

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happylittletree · 16/09/2020 00:44

Hello! I'm considering a house move and wondering what the MN hive mind thinks about school options in an area that I am considering. We would be admitted based on distance only.

Newport Primary School is borderline based on where the property is and past admittances based on distance.

Dawlish Primary is very close by.

George Mitchell would be my last choice based on what I know, but could end up being the only option.

Does anyone know anything about these schools? Obviously I have looked at the Ofsted ratings and the educational attainment scores, but it is difficult to know anything else without speaking to someone who has experience with the schools.


OP posts:
Sandrine1982 · 24/04/2021 21:17

Bump. Following!!!

edmundelephant · 24/04/2021 23:17

My DC is in year 5 in Newport School and we have been really happy with it. It is a really large primary, (four form entry), which I was initially concerned about but its feels really nurturing and supportive. In pre covid times there were lots of clubs and activities for the children. The after school club is excellent with really lovely staff and volunteers.
Newport is in a federation with Dawlish School so they share some resources, have joint concerts etc. Dawlish is a really small school and has a lovely, cosy feel. However, they do not have a breakfast or after school club which is a big consideration if you are working.

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