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Would you leave this wound until the drs open or wait at A&E?

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LindtNosher · 15/09/2020 23:55

I had a lump removed out of my arm a few days ago but somehow burst the stitches open and now it looks like this.

The wait at A&E is 3 hours. I don't fancy waiting but equally don't want to end up making the wound worse.

Do I wait until the doctors open and hope they can stitch it or would you wait?

Would you leave this wound until the drs open or wait at A&E?
OP posts:
OudRose · 15/09/2020 23:58

I'm no expert, but I'd keep it clean and go in the morning!

CanIKondo · 15/09/2020 23:59

Best to wait at A&E I think.

ivykaty44 · 16/09/2020 00:01

Put a sterile dressing on and go in the morning

Sidge · 16/09/2020 00:02

They’re unlikely to re suture it, whether you go to ED or the GP.

Steristrips and a dressing will be what you’ll probably end up with and you could do that yourself tonight if so inclined. Find an all night pharmacy and buy some steristrips and dressings and it’ll be fine until you can see the practice nurse tomorrow.

Notplannedforthis · 16/09/2020 00:02

Clean, dress and see practice nurse tomorrow.

Floralnomad · 16/09/2020 00:02

It looks clean so I’d cover it and get it looked at tomorrow - how did the stitches come out .

powershowerforanhour · 16/09/2020 00:02

You might be waiting 3 hours for steristrips- I wouldn't bother.
If you were a dog I'd get your owner to blob some KY on it should they have any, cover it with the cleanest thing they had available, put your buster collar back on and bring you in in the morning to freshen and resuture.

GlamGiraffe · 16/09/2020 00:06

If put some steri strips on and a non stick dressing over them. As long as its clean it should be fine. You can buy packs of sterile saline yo wash it with and sterile gauze for drying from the pharmacy.

LindtNosher · 16/09/2020 00:08

Yeah, I'll just sort it in the morning. I didn't expect it to be a 3 hour wait.

The stitches came out this morning as I put a shirt on but it was still scabbed over but held together. I went to pull myself up off the bed and heard a pop with blood everywhere Envy

OP posts:
Legoandloldolls · 16/09/2020 00:09

I was going to say steri stripes too. As it's a clean wound recently come undone it's not bleeding etc and the NHS dont like to stitch up nowadays it seems.

Mine you, 3 hours at A&E sounds like a breeze. I normally go in expecting a 10 hour wait ( fingers crossed only been a handful of times without a gp sending one of in )

If you can stick it back together the best you can and cover it over? Mind you I think I would risk A&E if its definitely quite

ellentree · 16/09/2020 00:13

I would wait at A&E with that

LoseLooseLucy · 16/09/2020 00:22

Yeah it probably won’t be possible to re-stitch it if you leave it until tomorrow.

lakesidefall · 16/09/2020 00:38

I would steri strip myself tonight.

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