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Flexible furlough, can some explain it numpty style please?

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InvisibleToEveryone · 15/09/2020 15:18

Ok, so I've been back at my job for 3 weeks.

But in the last few days have been sent to my unit and 2 others.
I'm not usually mobile, but because of a lack of work for me at my unit I've been sent to help at others.

My normal unit is getting twitchy because I'm all over the place.
I don't really want to be in and out of other units.

So, flexible does it work or not?
I've attempted to read up on it, but I'm not clear on any of it.

Could anyone explain it to a numpty please and if I can request it?

OP posts:
DDiva · 15/09/2020 16:04

Say you are contracted to do 5 days a week usually, you can work say 2 days on your usual hourly rate and 3 days will be paid at the current furlough rate.

You do need to have been furloughed previously tho, you'll need to check the exact criteria to make you eligible for flexi furlough.

Do you have an hr person/dept you can discuss this with ? It's really your employers decision and your colleagues should take up any issues with the management.

InvisibleToEveryone · 15/09/2020 21:27

So say I normally do 20 hours and they want me to do 10, they could ask for furlough to pay the shortfall?
And I'd still be paid 100%?
I was furloughed from March till September.

I just want this straight in my head before asking/suggesting for it.


OP posts:
DDiva · 15/09/2020 22:20 wouldnt get 100 % for the furlough hours it was 80%. I think your employer pays part now so they have to agree.....

PiratePetespajamas · 15/09/2020 22:33

No: you get 100% pay (from your employer) for the hours you work (10, in your example). Then you get paid 80% for the rest of the time, the time you don’t work.

Iconical · 15/09/2020 22:54


No: you get 100% pay (from your employer) for the hours you work (10, in your example). Then you get paid 80% for the rest of the time, the time you don’t work.

That isn’t correct

The employer can currently claim 70% back from the government

They have to pay you a minimum of 80% but can pay anything up to 100% if they wish
Mmsnet101 · 15/09/2020 23:00

You could work 10hrs and be paid for it as normal, then be on furlough for the remaining hours and paid at 80% or anything up to full rate.

If furlough was 80% before, then you'll likely get that but if they were good and topped up to 100% you might be lucky and get that again.

flowery · 15/09/2020 23:04

It’s not something for you to request particularly. If there is insufficient work for you and you have been furloughed previously, your employer could opt to have you working, say, 10 hours, and furloughed for the rest of your normal working hours. You’d receive normal pay for the hours worked, and 80% for the hours furloughed, unless they want to top it up.

Sounds like they do have work for you though.

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