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Name for when you are on your period

51 replies

highlighta · 15/09/2020 11:12

I was reading another thread about someone getting the ick in a relationship, and I really do think that this was the case with my exdp as he would call a period...THE CURSE.

I mean ffs why did I not say the relationship was was over there and then the first time I heard him say it.

So just a lighthearted thread to find out what corker names you have heard or use.

(and were they that bad they made you break off a relationship Grin )

OP posts:
unmarkedbythat · 15/09/2020 11:14

I hate 'shark week'. I hate it to an unreasonable extent. Not overly fond of on the blob or time of the month either.

DarkmilkAddict · 15/09/2020 11:16

I’ve never in my life heard shark week.

On the blob makes me giggle for some reason. I think blob is an inherently funny word.

I don’t use any euphemism personally.

highlighta · 15/09/2020 11:23

I have never heard of on the blob, but that is truly awful.

I would have left him instantly.....

OP posts:
terriblyangryattimes · 15/09/2020 11:36

My husband used to say 'on the blob' soon put a stop to that and now he calls it 'your period' which is fine by me! My friend always says her 'aunt flo has come for a visit'Hmm

BrowncoatWaffles · 15/09/2020 11:39

We're IT Crowd fans here so 'Aunt Irma is visiting'

CatAnnoyance · 15/09/2020 11:39

My hideous ex used to say "the decorators are in". Hated it.

Sexnotgender · 15/09/2020 11:41

I occasionally say ‘Leona is in’ - as in Leona Lewis, bleeding love. Childish I know.

unmarkedbythat · 15/09/2020 11:41


I have never heard of on the blob, but that is truly awful.

I would have left him instantly.....

To be fair this is coming from boys/ men who went to school with me, where the commonly accepted terms for external female genitalia were 'minge' and 'gash'. I remember once in year 9 getting sent to the head of year for losing my shit at a boy who had told the hilarious "how can you trust something that bleeds for a week and doesn't die" joke ( Hmm ).
Thneedville · 15/09/2020 11:42


Dates back to school days, used by my best friend and me.

Either came from tommy ache or Time Of the Month.

So Tom comes to visit. Or is due to visit. Or forgets to visit (I’m getting old, so is Tom)

SuperPixie247 · 15/09/2020 11:43

If I am feeling jokey, I like to say "the Vampire has his wine glass out". I use a menstrual cup! 😂

MashedSweetSpud · 15/09/2020 11:46

The Curse is an old term for it.

I like Aunt Flo is visiting (South Park) but don’t use it.

I usually call them monthlies.

Batfinklestein · 15/09/2020 11:46

When we first got together DH used to call it "your thing" as in, 'Do you have your thing?"
It was ridiculous. I can't be doing with silly euphemisms so I soon stopped that and we just call it my period.

At school people used to use "on the blob", or "on the rag". And referred to sanitary towels as "jam rags". Grim.

highlighta · 15/09/2020 12:00

My hideous ex used to say "the decorators are in". Hated it

I am pleased to see the word ex in there. I hope you moved on and met an actual decorator Grin

OP posts:
Oldbagface · 15/09/2020 12:01

My dad always called it women's problems or ladies monthlys. I think both are quite nice.

Oldbagface · 15/09/2020 12:03

*Monthlies. Chuffing phone

MJMG2015 · 15/09/2020 12:05

Overheard him saying to a mate on the phone...

'Red sails at sunset'

He was saying I was being unreasonable because of my period, to excuse his inexcusable behaviour.

That should have been when I left him.

Gatekeeper · 15/09/2020 12:05

Always called your "doingses" in my family

GwenCooper81 · 15/09/2020 12:10

The reds are at home - swiftly stopped the second month into our relationship. I don't like any of the euphemisms. Possibly Aunt Flo but the rest are as cringey as fuck.
It's a period.

Baypony · 15/09/2020 12:13

My ex used to say I was ‘Flying the Japanese flag’ Yes he was both a twat and unbelieveably racist. That’s (part of the many reasons) why he’s my ex!

6PEOPLEONLY · 15/09/2020 12:13

Burger time

blindmansbluff · 15/09/2020 12:17

I once heard someone say that Redbeard was downstairs Grin

PaternosterLoft · 15/09/2020 12:17

IT Crowd "fallen to the communists" here. DSs will query why DD is getting "special" treatment and I will say that she's fallen to the communists. DS4 will parrot back "well they do have some very convincing arguments" as he's clearly not put two and two together Grin


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DaisyDoo09 · 15/09/2020 12:22

My friend says she's "jamming" Envy

TheSparklyPussycat · 15/09/2020 12:25

Back in the 60s me and my friends called it the curse. Full title The curse of Eve.

No reference to anything red, which is not true of most of the cringeworthy examples above,

MarkRuffaloCrumble · 15/09/2020 12:29

Rag week, on the blob, shark week. All also used like MJMG’s DP above

He was saying I was being unreasonable because of my period, to excuse his inexcusable behaviour.

So if he ever pulls that shit now he gets very short shrift (especially now I’m perimenopausal and my periods are all over the shop, even I have no idea when it’s due so his knowing “oooohh is it rag week?” brings a fury upon him that no man wants to experience. “72 FUCKING DAYS I’VE WAITED FOR THIS BLOODY PERIOD AND YOU THINK ITS FUCKING FUNNY TO JOKE ABOUT IT?!!!!”

I usually tell him the decorators are in. If he wants to check the ‘status with the apparatus’ he’ll ask if they’ve taken their ladders with them or left anything behind - ie is it safe to go in or will he get impaled on a tampon Grin

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