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fecal Impaction/ overflow???

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Star97 · 15/09/2020 09:26

Hi, I’m new on here but I just need some advise off other mums.
Sorry for tmi in advanced.
My very tall 5 year old goes to the toilet everyday ranging from 2 too 3/4 times a day to open her bowels which can normally range from a 3 on the Bristol stool chart to a 6. she has always had a poped/biggish belly but I noticed her belly had got bigger and very hard and in the last week her bowel movements were more a 6 on the stool chart so when she had her app last week I just mentioned it to her paediatrician he suspected she might be a bit bunged up due to her iron well he was hoping but said it could possibly be an overflow and on that day he asked us to come into the hospital for an X-ray to see what was going on and have her blood pressure checked (she does have high blood pressure) so the X-ray indeed did she has a very impacted bowel with an overflow aswell has her blood pressure very high
So he’s let us home on a movicol regime and have hospital at home care coming out every other day to do checks but I’m just abit confused and feel a little guilty as I have never noticed she was this bad but she has always had loose bowel movements on and off since she was born and doctors/hospital has never been too concerned.

So my question is has anyone’s little one have had this but always went to the toilet regular she is a very confidence little soul who knows when she has to go she has to go to the toilet and we openly talk about it as she is used to me checking her urine anyway due to other health conditions she has?

Thankyou to anyone who can help Smile

OP posts:
CandyApples217 · 15/09/2020 09:31

My son had this at age 10.... we treated with a disimpaction regime on movicol... I never could have know he was impacted at all, he still went to the toilet albeit sometimes had to strain a bit... it was only when the overflow started I took him to the doctors thinking it was a tummy bug! There is a fantastic and very active group on Facebook called Movicol Mummies which will answer any and all of your questions.

Star97 · 15/09/2020 10:04

Thankyou so much I will have a look into that now, the doctors had asked her if she had to push for a poo and she said no and when they asked was she in pain in her tummy she said no again and they said with the amount of impacted she has got she should be experiencing some sort of belly pain and this is were I’m abit concerned I don’t know if she recognises when she has tummy pain if any of that makes sense?

OP posts:
endofthelinefinally · 15/09/2020 10:08

Have a look at the ERIC website. They have a help line you can call.
The best resource I have seen is the Poo Nurses website. Watch the video all the way through.
Iron is awful for causing constipation and impaction. Is she on iron tablets? They should always be taken with orange juice or vitamin C preparations and movicol. Unfortunately doctors rarely remember to advise this.

Star97 · 15/09/2020 10:18

Thankyou so much that sounds interesting I will look at that also and yeah she is on sodium feredetate they did say she could possibly become bunged up and with her going regular and having different bowel movements I diddnt think she would/could be I just can’t help but blame my self for not noticing any sooner and nope they never gave us anything along side with her iron medication and we was told to give the orange juice but for some reason the orange juice goes right through her and causes her so much tummy pain the only time she ever complains about tummy pain if someone has gave her the orange juice or even any fresh juice

OP posts:
endofthelinefinally · 15/09/2020 10:23

Taking iron with vitamin C increases absorption X4.

H1978 · 15/09/2020 13:53

I feel for you, I went through this with two of my dds. It’s easy to miss especially if they’re going to the toilet regularly. We were given Mobi ok too but I would give the girls lukewarm water to drink in the morning to loosen the stools and also prune juice is very good. Our GP told us to avoid banana as they contain a lot of potassium which can cause some people to bing up.

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