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Upset with work and returning back from maternity

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LordOfTheOnionRings · 14/09/2020 11:24

I'm not sure if i have to right to be though.

I work a variable shift pattern, say 8pm-11pm start times. Before I went on maternity I would WITHOUT fail so 8pm start one week, 9pm the next week, 10pm the next week and so on.

That's the way it's always been but not guaranteed, but its been that way for years.

Returning to work my partner changed all of his shifts to work with mine so one of is there is the morning and one at night as my work refused to allow any flexibility with my shifts - FINE - I dont expect special treatment.

I worked all of my partners shifts around 8pm one week 9pm the other and so on how its ALWAYS been and discussed with my manager and he said it was a good idea.

I have come back and seen my schedule for the month and its an 8pm start one day, 11pm the next and just all over the shop.

They won't change it.

I'm upset because all of the planning I had to do and the fact that no one had told me they weren't doing weekly fixed start times anymore.

The rest of the management team seem to have fixed, its only me they're denying it to. I don't know if they're now trying to push me out but they seem to be making my life hard.

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Moondust001 · 14/09/2020 11:36

Have you asked them why? It's kind of hard to suggest a solution, because we have no idea what is behind this and lots of things have happened over the last six months that mean places have changed all sort of things. Before making assumptions about pushing you out, maybe ask why? Then think about if it's possible to suggest a solution or submit a "flexible" working request / whatever might be appropriate.

cherrybakewellll · 14/09/2020 11:41

It's a tricky one. I also work part time shifts but it's always been set days. Luckily as I'm in the HR department, we have always been fair to staff and said that while we cannot adjust or out into contract the usual shift patterns, we agree to file notes and work the shifts around them. Mine included.

I think you should speak to your HR department and state that the consistent shift pattern prior to maternity was a long standing arrangement and you are entitled to flexible working.

LordOfTheOnionRings · 14/09/2020 11:48


I will ask why it's been put like that. I manage a busy team of people who are all on fixed set start times so I'm unsure.

My anxiety is taking over the logical part of my brain I think, but when everyone else is having a certain treatment that you're not getting when you're the only one with a baby (only few female managers) then it seems suspicious.

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