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wondering if my daughter has a cyst

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bewlt · 14/09/2020 00:15

Hi sorry name changed and I know this should be in health but posting here for traffic

I've googled this to death but keep getting the same unhelpful answers

I'm worried my daughter has a cyst on her right ovary. She gets excruciating pain a couple of times a week in that area and sometimes painkillers make little difference.

It's not muscular does anyone have any suggestions about what else it could be?

Trying to book her in for an ultrasound asap

I don't really know what I'm asking for on here I just know it's unusual for a 17 year old to develop an ovarian cyst

Have you or anyone you know experienced this before and what did you do about it? I'm just a worrier

She's been on cerelle contraceptive pill since christmas if thats relevant

OP posts:
Mayswear · 14/09/2020 05:06

No it's actually not that unusual to have a cyst as she may have had it since birth anyway,as I did. I think you're most likely on the right track here although could be other things too. Keep going.

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