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Hilarious grumpy TripAdvisor responses

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scaryfrogfish · 13/09/2020 21:40

Inspired by another thread... I could seriously read grumpy responses to customers all day long.

I'm not talking about the occasional frustrated business owner who clearly has had a bad experience with a customer, but those hotel managers etc. who 100% of the time, respond to any criticism with overreaction and personal insults.

I find them incredibly funny. Please share your favourites! (Here's one of mine:

OP posts:
NiceGerbil · 13/09/2020 21:43

I don't even understand that review TBH!

scaryfrogfish · 13/09/2020 21:46

Yes, the review isn't well written, but the response from the owner is so over the top, it made me laugh. If you then look at other poor or terrible reviews for this hotel, the owner lays into everyone. It's like real-life Basil Fawlty. There are loads of them out there. I don't know why I find them so funny.

OP posts:
EarringsandLipstick · 13/09/2020 21:50

I don't either 🤷🏻‍♀️ I glanced through the reviews, there were plenty positive ones & of the negative ones I read, bar the one you shared, they were appropriately responded to.

Maybe I missed the others. To be honest I don't think the one you shared is remotely funny either, the review or the hotel response.

Eslteacher06 · 13/09/2020 21:56

I once did a review and the owner had it deleted for some batshit reason. He also slagged off every bad review. He once won Four in a Bed but by playing the game. He's so funny though.

user127819 · 14/09/2020 10:45

Some people just can't take criticism at all. I (privately) messaged an animal breeder the other day to warn them one of their breeding pairs, which they had posted photos of, carried genes which in combination could result in very disabled animals. They blocked me from their page. I meant it in goodwill thinking they were innocently unaware!

AllWashedOut · 14/09/2020 10:53

I secretly love reading arsey reviews. It's my naughty addiction.

Here I present you with Basil Fawtly (actually a disservice to Basil):

Fawtly Towers Check out the one-star reviews.

FelicityPike · 14/09/2020 11:00

This is one of my “hobbies”....reading the terrible reviews on Trip Advisor!

tectonicplates · 14/09/2020 11:46


This is one of my “hobbies”....reading the terrible reviews on Trip Advisor!

Me too! Especially for a couple of places I've actually been to in the past, so I'm always glad to see another bad review as it means it wasn't just me.

I'm usually a very easy going customer and tend to give five stars to most places or the occasional four. It takes a LOT for me to write a bad review so if even I think it's bad then it must be really bad.
scaryfrogfish · 14/09/2020 11:55


This is one of my “hobbies”....reading the terrible reviews on Trip Advisor!

Ooh, share your favourites please, I love a good one! Ideally where the owner is an absolute prick like the cracker uptrhead.
OP posts:
heartshapedskull · 14/09/2020 13:00

Look for the Royal Lion Hotel in Tenby 😉

MilkTwoSugarsThanks · 14/09/2020 13:08

@user127819 - 😱😢 Please report then to the governing body or whoever's in charge of breeding whichever animals they are.

user127819 · 14/09/2020 13:21

There's no governing body. It's a small rodent, .there are no regulations on their breeding beyond the Animal Welfare Act

WoobyWoo · 14/09/2020 13:25

Heartshaped I walked past the Royal Lion on Saturday and remember thinking it was in a great location but looked like a dive inside! That’s funny!

Lucked · 14/09/2020 13:25

I have been sucked into those Malborough hotel replies they are hilarious. Everyone is silly and petty and if he can’t say that about them then they must have made a mistake and mean another hotel!

sashh · 14/09/2020 13:44


Imagine a mountain without a pub at the top!

Anxiousmess01 · 14/09/2020 14:10

@scaryfrogfish Marlborough hotel replies are hilarious. Whenever someone complains about the toilet he says “no one else has had this problem” but you only have to look back and most of the other poor reviews mention the dodgy toilets!

The funniest was his response to the lady complaining about the timer on the tv - “it’s pathetic!” Grin

GoGoGone · 14/09/2020 15:06

@sashh I know! And who would have thought that cloning the largest mountain in the uk would be a bit of a long walk!

These reviews of famous landmarks also hilarious

GoGoGone · 14/09/2020 15:09

And I did enjoy this review of the Houses of Parliament

LYNNE R: “Totally spoilt by the "people" inside.

Rockster7 · 14/09/2020 15:13
sashh · 15/09/2020 07:08

I used to live in Oxford, the tourist information gave away a sort of 'what's on' guide for each week, I went to collect one and the poor tourist information woman was being berated by an American woman because the colleges didn't have name plates so they didn't know which ones they had seen.

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