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Cut my chances and doomed to be single?

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Pearsapple · 13/09/2020 10:53

I’m due to move to a village (around 1,300 people), 15 miles from the closest small city, 8 miles to closets three small towns and 45 miles to a ‘proper’ city of Birmingham, where I will be commuting a few days a week.

My best friend has known about this move for a few months, but last night said quite flippantly, ‘it would have been better to have found a man before moving to a small village I suppose, you’ve cut your chances now’

What’s upset me is that in the back of my mind I have been worried about the dating pool getting smaller and she knows this. I’m moving from London where (pre covid) there was a date available every night with similar professionals. I found it all draining and didn’t meet anyone I wanted to be with. I’ve wanted to move back to the mindlands and countryside for a while and had hoped that it was a good compromise to still have a big city to work in now and then, even if I commute back to a small village of 1,300 people at the end of the day!

I feel sort of deflated and worried about things. I’m a bit of a worrier anyway. Have I cut my chances of finding someone?

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CausingChaos2 · 13/09/2020 10:57

Living in a more rural area does reduce the dating ‘pool’ but doesn’t by any means make it impossible! After all you’re looking for a connection with one person, not dozens. How old are you OP? One thing I have noticed is that young people in rural areas can settle down more quickly than those living in cities.

something2say · 13/09/2020 10:58

I wouldn't say so no.

I moved from just outside London to a rural area 200 miles away and have made LOADS more friends. It's a proper community with activities with the same people regularly, all of whom have friends and family who come to visit and who you'll get to know. If anything you might find it easier to meet people.

Don't you worry. I wish I'd done it years ago. We are having the best time and I hope you do too xxx

Pearsapple · 13/09/2020 10:58

I was 36 a week ago.

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