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Washing trainers in the washing machine?

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MojoJojo71 · 13/09/2020 09:06

This might seem like a daft question but DD has to wear white trainers for PE and the ones I’ve bought say they are machine washable but I’ve never washed a pair of trainers on the machine before so how exactly do you do it? Should I put them in a bag/pillowcase? Should I wash them alone or throw them in with the rest of the PE kit? Just a normal 40 degree cycle? Help!

OP posts:
Finfintytint · 13/09/2020 09:07

I put them in on their own in a pillowcase.

Inertia · 13/09/2020 09:20

I wash them in a laundry bag but a pillowcase would do just as well. Also on their own, or with other trainers. It’ll bang about a bit but it’s fine.

ZarasHouse · 13/09/2020 09:23

In a pillow case. I put them in loose once (laces taken out but otherwise straight in the drum) and they were destroyed, though. Bloody baby brain! Haha

Findahouse21 · 13/09/2020 09:25

I just chuck a load of shoes in all together - hiking boots, trainers, running shoes etc. It is a very loud wash cycle though!

LatteLover12 · 13/09/2020 09:38

I agree with PPs using a pillow case. My machine has a shoe cycle so check yours, it probably only alters the speed of the spin etc but worth a check!

Nestme · 13/09/2020 09:42

I bung them in on a normal wash with a few towels to stop them clattering around too much.

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