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A house a few doors down seems to have acquired a professional DJ station

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FinnyStory · 13/09/2020 08:51

Last weekend they had a huge party in the garden. It was very loud and there were clearly a lot of people there but a one off special occasion, it's good to see people enjoying themselves and this was before we knew about the news restrictions etc although by half past midnight I was feeling less charitable

However, they were at it again last night. Fewer people, maybe even just their own household but very loud DJ, in the garden. It didn't go on as late though.

Please tell me the novelty will wear off/they'll stop as the evenings get cooler. I'm going to start praying for wet weekends Grin

If they finish by 11pm, presumably it would be unreasonable to complain, but every weekend?

OP posts:
FinnyStory · 13/09/2020 08:55

It's the kind of loud where you can feel the vibrations in your chest, even inside our house.

OP posts:
movingonup20 · 13/09/2020 09:05

Every weekend is annoying but at long as it is turned off completely by 11 the council won't take action. It's not likely to be warm and dry for much longer thankfully. 6 person rule means that they won't want to attract attention if they are having a slightly larger gathering which means they will turn it down

Requinblanc · 13/09/2020 09:25

Councils can investigate complaints of statutory nuisance to tackle noise produced at any time of day or night....not just after 11pm.

If they try again next week, call the council's noise nuisance team and ask them to attend and break up the party. They will also be done for breaking the new gathering rules.

bravotango · 13/09/2020 09:30

Unreasonable noise is not allowed at any time, the 11pm thing applies to all noise. If you go and ask them to keep it down and they refuse, then you have the right to involve the anti social behaviour team who are, in my experience, much more effective than environmental health.

IncludeWomenInTheSequel · 13/09/2020 09:43

...and this is why we had to move from our last house.

The constant bass was beginning to drive me insane.

I feel for you.

bronzedgodesswannabe · 13/09/2020 13:07

People are dicks

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