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If you sent your children to do the grocery shopping , what do you think they would bring back?

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WomenHour · 11/09/2020 22:02

Watching Tracy Beaker and she was sent by her foster mum and just brought back chicken nuggets and fizzy pop

So how do you think it would go if you sent your children?

OP posts:
Cam2020 · 12/09/2020 00:45

Chocolate, strawberries, and whatever sparkly shit, magazines and books she could find - she is only three though Grin

Amrythings · 12/09/2020 01:12

If I gave DSD (17) a list I'd get back what was on it plus some extras in the bakery, chocolate and jerky departments. Without, she'd either expire of indecision or buy all the weirdest ramen flavours and nothing else.

DS is fourteen months, you'd find him in the fruit section trying to commune with the oranges.

Kisforkaylied · 12/09/2020 01:37

If no list:

Random lunchboxes etc
Treat crisps , eg Pringles, Doritos etc
If I sent them with a list, they'd get it all, plus a magazine & sweets.

Mintjulia · 12/09/2020 01:39

Ds is 12.

Cherry tomatoes
Sausage rolls
Chocolate biscuits Grin

MinnieJackson · 13/09/2020 10:00

6 and 7 year old sons, ALL the sweets, doughnuts, olives, salami, pizza, a shit load of blind bags. Pringles, watermelon...I actually want to give them a list now and follow them round the aisles watching. I'm going to propose this to DH Grin

MinnieJackson · 13/09/2020 10:02

@unmarkedbythat does he mean fries to go? I forgot about them if so!

iklboo · 13/09/2020 10:04

If I asked him to go? Exactly what was on the list. After 25 phone calls / texts checking and asking if he can add X, Y, Z.

Free rein?

Jaffa cakes
Cheese & onion crisps
Smoked salmon (yes, really. Kid has expensive tastes)
Mini kievs
Micro chips
Bar of chocolate for me & his dad to keep us sweet

Witchend · 13/09/2020 10:18

My dc do the shopping sometimes.
Dd1 (19yo) tends to get multi buys and what's on offer. She tends to make sure there's something for everyone except herself, and she will have strictly one meal a day and not many treats.
Dd2 (16yo) gets lots of sausage rolls, cakes and a few bags of sweets for herself. She will forget to look at the list. We'll have a couple of random items she got to try.
Ds (13yo) buys lots of pizza, salad and fruit and veg. He will buy meals he likes and assumes everyone else will eat it too.

riotlady · 13/09/2020 10:23

DP once came back with a kilo of haribo so honestly I don’t think DD could do much worse xD

Allmyarseandpeggymartin · 13/09/2020 10:32

Bread, milk and sweets (same as me then)

Rockbird · 13/09/2020 10:40

I'd like to think mine (12 and 8) would do pretty well, having seen the Tesco shop delivered for the past 6 months. I think they'd get pretty much what I get but with added crap Grin

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