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'Laugh till a bit of pee came out' moments of idiocy

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TheSecondMrsAshwell · 11/09/2020 21:38

I was reading an article earlier today about people who think they're punching way above their weight in the intelligence stakes, but are actually on their way to a complete knockout (in the first round).

The story that stood out for me was the bank robber who read about lemon juice being used as invisible ink. So far so good. He reasoned and reasoned and came up with the genius idea of slathering himself in lemon juice for his next robbery. I mean, it must make him invisible, right? So he was completely flabbergasted when the police turned up at his door, having been able to see him clearly on the CCTV. I absolutely roared as read that.

So, what moments of idiocy have made you laugh till you pee. EXHs deffo welcome in this thread.

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TinaTraybake · 11/09/2020 23:19

I once had a cat named Potato Vagina, Tate Gina is what we told everyone else her name was. Shared her with a best friend. You can imagine the laughter we tried to hide when people came over and asked how Gina was doing and all we could hear was "How is Vagina" "What do you wash her with" It was brilliant. Never got old

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